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Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart! GTA in minecraft! GUNS + HOUSES + CARS + POLICE + MORE!

Hello, everyone!

We would like to begin by thanking our loyal community
for the continuous support of GTM. Thanks to your support
our voting this month shot up by 15.8k votes <3!

Anyways, with that said, congratulations
to the winners,
of the monthly vote war! :)

The winners of the July Vote War are listed below.

1st: Majo_LP (150) - $100 gift card & 500 Crowbars

2nd: Arik_Holzbau (149) - $50 gift card & 300 Crowbars

Micatchu (148) - $50 gift card & 200 Crowbars

zGigi (141) - $25 gift card & 75 crowbars

***Minor adjustment to this reward was made due to a tie.

4th: Darkrai_ (141) - $25 gift card & 75 Crowbars
***Minor adjustment to this reward was made due to a tie.

Note: Your gift cards will be mailed to you on GTM Minesantos (GTM1) later this week. Use /mail read on GTM Minesantos to access!
Over the past week, we have been quite busy with the recent map update for Minesantos and several other bug fixes. Most of these fixes were too small for an announcement of their own so they will be posted together with this announcement along with several other things. Lets begin, shall we.

The most obvious of the changes that we have pushed over the past week is the Minesantos map update. This map update was the single largest map update in GTM history offering a complete re haul several underdeveloped areas of the GTM map. These areas include the Highway warps, Trailerpark, Militarybase, Moria, Mountaintop, Bridge and much of the surrounding terrain!
Don't worry Sanktburg (GTM4) players. We didn't forget about you :p. You guys are next.

Shout out to @FredPlayzMC for making this awesome video for the players during the server maintenance.



Both premium and non-premium houses in and around the effected areas also received a complete renovation. Renovating these houses without effecting player data was a serious technical challenge for both the Build Team and the staff members involved in the update.

This update took a whopping 8 hours of
non-stop work to complete over the countless hours spent by the build team to actually rebuild the effected areas. Needless to say, a big shout out to the senior team members involved with the update and as well as the Build team members. This project was a massive undertaking which could not have been accomplished with out the amazing cooperative efforts of countless staff and team members.

[Patch 1.3.0]
It's been a while since our last patch update. We've been having internal discussions about exciting future content we have been planning. We want to get this planning of new features correct, and feedback from our QA team is extremely vital in testing content before it reaches the live networks.

If you would like to apply for QA, please read over the application format and post an application here:

Now on with the patch notes :)!

[New Spawn]
The Build Team have been working on the new spawn for several weeks now. We've iterated multiple design layouts through different branches of our teams and feel like we've nailed the layout of the new Spawn for Minesantos and Sanktburg!


When players first log into the server, all the most important buildings and NPCs are directly in front of them. Scenery no longer obstructs view of points of interests, and larger buildings have signs or features that make them stand out. This new spawn has been strategic been laid out to avoid confusion and help guide newer players.

Please leave comments below about the Spawn and if/what you like about it! Your feedback is always appreciated :D.

[Vote Shop]
We've made drastic changes to Voting rewards. This feature has been planned for months and development was extremely particular about the use cases for our senior staff team. Voting becomes less useful to the player as they progress through the server, and new users are almost always inclined to vote because of the huge starting bonus it gives you.

Hello, everyone!

Congratulations to the winners,
of the monthly vote war! :)

The winners of the June Vote War are listed below.

1st: Minecraftgamer46 (148) - $100 gift card, 2000 tokens & 500 Crowbars

2nd: Micatchu (147) - $50 gift card, 1,500 tokens & 300Crowbars

3rd: Majo_LP (142) - $50 gift card, 1000 tokens & 200 Crowbars

4th: Darkrai_ (133) - $25 gift card, 500 tokens & 100 crowbars

5th: Coco_YT (130) - $25 gift card, 250 tokens & 50 Crowbars

Note: Your gift cards will be mailed to you on GTM Minesantos (GTM1) later this week. Use /mail read on GTM Minesantos to access!

Hello there loyal members of the GrandTheftMinecart community!
This announcement is made to get all of you updated on the state of the current build team,
so make sure to properly read throught it ;)

-Custom house update (MUST READ)
-General build team update


The build team management team has decided to put a stop on the custom houses in 30 days from now on. This will mean custom houses will not be a thing anymore, until further notice.
In this period of 30 days, one chest will cost you $900.000 for the people who are willing to give custom houses one more shot.

With that said, the build team management team has also decided to put a minimum needed amount of permits in order to be able to get your customized house added to an island. This specifically set minimum will be 100 permits. This would mean a 99 or lower permit house will not be allowed on it's own island.
The 100+ permit houses, will have to be paid extra for to have on an island.
The main reason we have decided to make this decision, is because the GTM map has been getting filled up way too quickly lately. We have not decided on the future of custom houses yet, though, we will notify you guys when we have made a final decision on it.


First (because im greedy), i'd like to announce the fact that i myself have became a build team manager. This means SkylixMC, KwonShiYun and DieHeldernaar will be responsible for all map updates the upcoming few months, if not, years ;)

Next to my personal promotion, the following people also got themselves promoted:
- 5Tapped > White Builder
- GloryX > Creator
- Sebiiii > Artist
- WatInDaGame > Artist
- Unforgiven_Soul > Artist
- Daxtertime > Trainee
- Frogger_19 > Trainee
- CookingCookies > Trainee
- iExpo > Trainee
- Jab50 > Trainee
- Mala_Hiebra > Trainee
- MrForce_HD > Trainee
- SnowyTurnip > Trainee...