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Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart! GTA in minecraft! GUNS + HOUSES + CARS + POLICE + MORE!


Hello everyone!

Let's open this thread with our primary news:

Vice Season 2
Thursday, 1 February

We have been working hard on this for a good couple of months now, and Season 2 is going to see some very big new additions to the server.

Details about the end of Season 1, and everything that goes along with it will be in a separate thread much closer to the release of Season 2, so don't worry if this thread is missing any information. It is merely a teaser to showcase some of the stuff we've been working on for Season 2! Today, we would just like to briefly talk about two major new features coming up in Vice.

Please note that everything we're now going to speak about is still heavily WIP (Work In Progress).

New Drugs System

Drugs is obviously one of the core aspects for Vice. For the new season, we wanted to really improve the system to make drugs, and the economy behind it. You will now find the starting ingredients (such as various seeds) throughout the wilderness, and in various events. In fact, you could become rich just by searching for rare seeds and selling them onto players!

After that, you will then have to purchase various machines to do different things, depending on what sort of drug you're making (maybe you need to dry the plant, or process it). Below is a screenshot of an example machine that we have. No mods required.

We don't want to spoil too much with this new system, but it's pretty cool. Bigger focus on exploration, and a lot more progression required to reach the more expensive drugs. All machines work with redstone automation as well, so you can get mega custom farms going.

Custom Terrain

We wanted Season 2 to have...

Hello everyone!

2018. Wowzers. Over the last week, we have started the super secret, mega massive project that is a pretty large game changer. Won't be out for a while, but I thought I'd tease you guys about it's existence for now ;)

This is a slightly smaller update than normal, but keep your eyes peeled for something tomorrow (10 January)...

Who doesn't like free things? We definitely do! We also like giving away free things, which is why we've added the ability to purchase anything off of the store for absolutely no money.


In any GTM game server, you can open your rewards menu (/rewards). Here there is a new button for you to gain Credits, and also convert them into gift cards. To gain credits, you will need to watch a short advert (the link etc is all generated in game, so it's super easy). As soon as the advert is finished, you are instantly given the credits.

You can watch as many ads as you like - there's no cooldown!


A big shout out to our awesome Build Team for this beauty. They have been hard at work on lots of new builds - this is only the beginning of what they have already finished for us! We hope you enjoy the new first-login look of the GTM network.



  • Miscellaneous additions
We have expanded on the tag...
Hey, everyone!
The winners of the December Vote War are listed below.


1st: Micatchu (175) - $100 gift card, 2,500 tokens & $500,000

2nd: HenningLenz (174) - $50 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $300,000

3rd: iTraitor (163) - $50 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $75,000

4th: N1tro_pve (160) - $25 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $75,000

5th: CuzImKliki (155) - $25 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $75,000

Note: your gift cards will be mailed to you on GTM 1.

Hello everyone!

Wow, it's coming to the end of the year already. Looking back to the beginning of this year, the size of GTM has grown to heights I don't think anyone thought possible. Truly fantastic stuff. We're super excited to continue to bring you loads of updates throughout 2018, and we're now working on some absolutely, mentally, massive stuff that we think everyone will enjoy quite a bit...Here's to the new year, and you - the players - for making this such a fantastic server!

There is currently a sale in the store! It will end on January 2nd. We're also selling Christmas exclusive items, so head on over to store.grandtheftmc.net to see everything that is on offer!


This event will run until January 2nd. While the Christmas event is active, you can get Candy Canes from Santa Drops, or the store. The server starts a Santa Drop every 1-2 hours; you can also start Santa Drops themselves by purchasing Nice Lists off of the store. When a drop starts, it throws out up to 25 Candy Cane items.


Right clicking these Candy Canes will open up a shop, where you can purchase various things. This includes tags for our new tag system, Christmas related armor, snowballs and Christmas cake (that gives slowness and regeneration).

The most expensive thing you can buy with Candy Canes is the 'Clausinator', which is a new gun. It fires slowly, but has a lot of ammo per clip. Hitting a player doesn't...
Hello there,

Today we will not have a normal update changelog thread because...this is not a normal update! On the 1st December, we had some scheduled downtime with the Databases, and this was to push some big changes to the network's backend. I did warn you that this would be a bit technical. Since then, we've continued to push more bugs, and how have quite the list.

MRW I see houses are fixed

House Fixes

We completely re-wrote the backend systems for Houses, so that it was generally quicker, nicer, and less buggy. While doing this, we sorted some pretty big bugs with houses. Unfortunately for houses that now have broken doors, you will need to file a report for us to fix it. You can do so here.

Gang Fixes

Gangs were super slow, and also were being wiped every so often. We had issues where gangs no longer had leaders, or even more than one leader etc. This has all been fixed now! They're a lot more stable, and much faster.

Lag Fixes

For a while now, we've had lag issues due to server stress; this has now also been fixed, which is particularly exciting. In part, this was the houses and gang fixes, as well as lots of other optimizations. We are continuing work on reducing lag even further, so that the gameplay is always slick for everyone.

Other Fixes

We fixed lots of bugs. Like, lots. From some buttons not being clickable, to store fixes, to chest errors, to jetpacks working properly, to explosion damages, and way more.

This would be you if we listed you all the stuff we're working on right now

We're now working hard on some super big things, such as Vice Season 2, as well as some other massive cool projects that we look forward to announce as soon as we can. Of...