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Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart! GTA in minecraft! GUNS + HOUSES + CARS + POLICE + MORE!


Hello GTM! With the year coming to an end, I want to take a moment to thank this amazing community for the incredible support they have provided us the past year or so. We are honored to be able to provide you all with a quality gameplay and host you all with us on GTM. With that said, we are happy to announce an incredible CHRISTMAS Update for our incredible players here on GTM!

The Chrismas events will run until January 2nd at 12:00 AM EST. During this event, the server starts a Santa's Supply Drops every 1-2 hours; players can also start Santa Drops themselves by purchasing Nice Lists off of the GTM store. There is more information on that below! When a supply drop starts, a boss bar appears at the top of your screen indicating the direction of the supply drop. Santa's Supply Drop will then throw out up to 25 "Candy Canes".

Right clicking these Candy Canes will open up a shop, where you can purchase various things. This includes exclusive Chrismas 2018 tags, Christmas related armor, snowballs, Christmas cake (that gives slowness and regeneration), and even TRIAL RANKS! Compared to our previous Christmas...
Hello, everyone!

The winners of the November Vote War are listed below.

1st: Micatchu (149) - $100 gift card, 2,500 tokens & $1,000,000

2nd: Spr1tz (142) - $50 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $500,000

3rd: thelionking24 (141) - $50 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $300,000

4th: Darkrai_ (139) - $25 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $200,000

5th: minecraftgamer46 (137) - $25 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $200,000

Note: your gift cards will be mailed to you on GTM 1.
[Patch 1.1.0]
Last patch to the network we announced a beta for New Mineport, or GTM7, in which Premium+ could participate. We received feedback regarding some bugs and are working on fixing them throughout this week.

We want to remind players that we have a versioning system that you can see on our MOTDs in the Minecraft Server List, so you can keep up with different patches!

[New Mineport Map]
The jetpack and katana combination has been disabled on New Mineport to add variety to the gameplay. We are exploring further new unique combinations to make sure New Mineport has a different play style than Minesantos.

With the release of the new server, we want to make sure all players from new players to experts have a relative even playing field to start. During the first week, we will have the following features disabled and lowered TEMPORARILY:
- Cheatcodes are disabled.
- Kits are disabled.
- Tokenshop is disabled.
- Crowbar crates are disabled
- Death tax min/max settings changed from $1000/$50000 to $100/$5000. This means you will get punished less for carrying more money.


Now is the best time to get into New Mineport and start exploring the map and conquering the server!

We would like to remind players that with every product launch, there are bound to be issues, so make sure to join our Discord at https://discord.gg/4P6DVKZ and report issues in #bugs.
As promised, it is finally here folks. GTM presents to you New Mineport! New Mineport is a brand new map that will be added to GTM as another server. This map is a mega masterpiece resulting from the hard work and dedication of our build team. For obvious reasons, if not for our build team, New Mineport simply wouldn't exist. On that note, we would like to give out a huge shout out to the GTM Build Team!


New Mineport is a beautiful and incredible map with several features improving upon our previous releases. We know that you will be happy to hear that these features include:

- Over 40% more loot crates then Sanktburg and Minesantos
- An extensive sewer and metro system that spans the whole map
- Distinct land types such as forests, grasslands, and urban areas
- Significantly more compact then Sanktburg and Minesantos
- Overall thoughtfully laid out and much neater then Minesantos and Sanktburg
- Around 186 Non-Premium Houses
- Around 392 Premium Houses
In addition to this, please note that the Jetpack-Katana combo has been disabled on New Mineport at least for now!

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, November 20th, 2018, we will officially be opening New Mineport for its initial Beta Release. This beta will be accessible only to our donators, who have played a large part in making this release possible. All users ranked Premium or above will be able to participate in this closed beta. We will be finding and patching any final bugs or issues that remain before opening New Mineport to the rest of the players a week later on November 27, 2018....


Hello everyone! Today, I am happy to announce a long overdue Building Competition! It has come to our attention that there are so many exceptional builders in our community. We believe that these players should be recognized for the truly amazing skills they possess. And so, here we are hosting this Building Competition! Please make sure to read the below competition rules and guidelines.


Once submitted, all builds will tirelessly be reviewed, evaluated and filtered by an expert panel of judges (the GTM senior team). We will be selecting the top submissions to be voted on by YOU the community. The following are the winning awards:

- $20 GTM Gift Card
- $200,000 on a server of choice
- Recognition by the community

- $10 GTM Gift Card
- $150,000 on a server of choice
- Recognition by the community

- 100 Crowbars