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SCAMMING RULE CHANGES: RPS + "Flower Games" + More

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SkylixMC, Jul 4, 2023.

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    Ok, TECHNICALLY speaking, this isn't really a "rule change" but more like a "policy change". So ahh, sorry for the click bait but this IS important and relevant. I'm not gonna waste your time so let me just give you a run down of whats changing.

    OK, so here is what is changing:
    • We will no longer refund players in scams involving any trades that does not involve the exchange of physical goods or services. For example, any form of wagers, "RPS", "Flower Games", or anything where you are not trading a physical good or a tangible service will no longer be protect by a refund guarantee.
    • We will still ban all and any types of scammers. The only change is you will no longer get an admin refund if you are scammed.
    • Scammed money/items will be taken out of the economy.
    • Players may use middleman services to "bypass" this policy change since we do consider "middleman-ing" a service. In this case, except in blatant cases of "middleman scamming", whoever the middleman says won in say a 1v1 or etc must be honored. So in cases like these, choose a middleman all parties involved trust.
    • With this official policy change, players with a good reputation definitely have a chance to capitalize on their trustworthiness. You could sell your middleman services for x% of the total wager amount and trade your trustworthiness for cash. See, it pays off to be nice and fair to everyone.
    And to reiterate the policy/rules that are staying this same:
    • We will still ban all and any types of scammers as long as there is sufficient proof of being scammed. The only change is you will no longer get an admin refund if you are scammed.
    • You still need proof when reporting scamming. If your proof isn't enough to conclude you were scammed, we will reject the ticket. We usually do not have time to check logs ourselves.
    • Scam reports still need to be submitted on the forums in the support tickets section.

    There are multiple reasons for why we have decided to go through with these policy changes.
    • We cannot keep up with all the scam reports people keep making. We get cases where people "RPS" a noob who joined 2 hours ago and didn't even have the cash to honor the deal. No sh*t you are gonna get scammed. With this rule change, we hope people will be smarter about who they are doing a trade with.
    • We also want to discourage gambling. First of all, kids. Terrible habit. Also haram. Gambling is against Mojang's EULA which is why we removed the /RPS command, the casino, and the lottery. Though we can't stop you all from continuing to make private wagers among yourselves, we can definitely discourage you from doing so but since you are gonna do it anyways, at least be smarter about it...
    • There has also been a lot of cheating with these wages. Someone even made a mod that can fake RPS screenshots and looks completely legit. Then in flower games, people are doing some wonky stuff with auto clickers and world edit to cheat there. People are coming up with clever and clever ways to cheat and its very time consuming to track them. We simply don't have the resource to keep up with all of this.
    The smartest thing you can do is stop gambling. I know my plee is falling on deaf ears but hey, I had to get that out there. For 1v1 wagers, you should get a trustworthy middleman to moderate the wager. And if you are a player with a good reputation, its time to start capitalizing on your good deeds. Open post in #gtm-marketplace about how you are selling your middleman wager services. But just remember one thing: "Trust is like glass. Once broken, its never the same." Middleman dudes, remember, you are selling trust. So don't break that :).

    P.S. this change only applies to "new" scams. If you were scammed before this announcement, we will still deal with it in accordance with the old policy.
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