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Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart! GTA in minecraft! GUNS + HOUSES + CARS + POLICE + MORE!

[Patch 1.0.4]
Last week, players finally saw the adjustments needed to the Minigun and Flamethrowers to make them more powerful in PvP combat. We think we overtuned the minigun a little bit, but we want to leave the current changes to the SPECIAL at least for another week.

We want to remind players that we have a versioning system that you can see on our MOTDs in the Minecraft Server List, so you can keep up with different patches!

After six months of the casino being inactive and closed down, we executed some heavy quality assurance changes and statistical gathering this week. Players helped us gather statistical evidence for reward payouts and general feedback on both the dev and live network.


The casino will now open during scheduled times, called Casino Events. These events work similar to the Halloween/Christmas/Easter Events previously, but are more common. Currently, the casino will be open for 1 hour, followed by a 5 hour closure.


You can start playing at the casino when the event starts, but must purchase "Casino Chips" from Mr. Goldman at the entrance of the casino. These chips can be sold back to him for cash. Mr. Goldman is only available for trade when the casino is OPEN.


Players are encouraged to play various slot machines, and bet different amounts, as the payout rewards are unique for each machine. We'll continue to gather statistical evidence for different payout rules and will change how machines work going forward.

[General Changes]
- Adds registration of 1.13.1 texture pack to GTM pack manager. This should fix issues with 1.13.1 clients not being able to use the texture pack.
- Fixes issue with some statistics not being...
[Patch 1.0.3]

Last week, we attempted to make some changes to the frustrations due to the RPG combo and attempted to hike prices of weapons/ammo/items due to the inflations on GTM1/4.

We want to remind players that we have a versioning system that you can see on our MOTDs in the Minecraft Server List, so you can keep up with different patches!

Following up on the last week's update to the LAUNCHER class, we wanted to finally address some power issues with the SPECIAL class. Specifically, we noticed players would never use Flamethrowers or Miniguns in PvP as they are underpowered. Also, with this week's update we wanted to tune back some price changes on specific items.

[Weapon Skin Crates]
We introduced weapon skins into the game months ago, and currently we only have 2 rarities in the game. In the coming months we plan on adding more content to the weapons skins, but we need a change now. We've listened to community feedback regarding that one random weapon skin is too costly. If we decrease the price of the weapon skin crates, players will have other options of spending their crowbars they receive from voting. This patch, we have decreased the Weapon Skin Crates from 45 crowbars to 15 crowbars.

[General Changes]
- Added the ability for managers/admins to enable/disable the casino.
- More backend changes due to errors being thrown and continue monitoring of server crash issues. We intend to make GTM more stable in the coming patches.
- Temporarily removed players being able to obtain starred weapons.

[Weapon Changes]
- Net Launchers will no longer stun jetpackers for a bonus duration of 2 seconds. Instead they will stun the player for the default 1 second duration, and temporary disable the jetpack for 0.25 seconds. This allows for the jetpacker to...
[Patch 1.0.2]
Last week, we attempted to add flavor back to all shotguns, so they would be identified as weapons that could deal insane damage up close, but very little damage against ranged encounters. Naturally, this means shotguns would be used as a secondary weapon switch until PvP encounters were more close range.

We want to remind players that we have a versioning system that you can see on our MOTDs in the Minecraft Server List, so you can keep up with different patches!

Following up on the last week's update to the SHOTGUN class, we wanted to tackle some frustrating things about the LAUNCHER class. Specifically, we noticed players would carry multiple launchers to combo players without any counter play. Hopefully, the changes to launchers aren't an overreaction to the combo aspect of the game, but should reward players that hit their skill shots accurately.

[Bounty Tax]
We've added support for Managers/Admins to enable tax of newly placed bounties, and the ability to change this tax percent at any time. Players have been abusing the bounty tracker to constantly grief the same player over and over without risking any money.

With this tax, we can combat some of the inflation in the economy, as well as restore the intended use of the bounty system.

[Weapon/Armor/Item Price Changes]
Due to the influx of money and items from other GTM servers, we have adjusted the BUY price for all weapons, most armor, and all ammo.

We'll be touching up prices in the next few patches, either increasing or decreasing prices, as an additional measure to help balance the weapons.
Hi everyone! After heavy consideration and close monitoring, the GTM Senior Team has decided that the strict two month rule we put in place when selling premium houses has negatively impacted the housing market on both GTM MineSantos and GTM Sanktburg. We want our current players to have more housing options than they do currently, so we've decided to sell premium houses after the owner has reached one month of inactivity instead of two. This rule will take effect in ONE MONTH from today (October 8th, 2018).
[Patch 1.0.1]

Last week, we overhauled all of the weapons to have more character, do more damage and bring back the fun part of PvP. We opened our discord to public feedback using the #weapon-test channel and are still seeking your gameplay opinions.

This week, we want to publicly introduce a versioning system so players can keep up to date on what changes are happening over the next few months. The screenshot of our MOTD below shows how we introduce patch numbers directly to the server list.


Following up on the massive updates last week to ALL guns, we feel that we missed the mark of adding a unique identity and feel to the SHOTGUN class. This week we hope to capture the true feeling of the shotgun.

[General Changes]
-/suicide can no longer be used as a means of clearing your inventory before you are killed. Your items will now no longer be cleared. Therefore, players abusing this glitch before they are killed by another player will still drop their items.
- Applies a small fix to players not always being able to see their scoreboard.

[Weapon Changes]
- Explosive/Launcher/Throwable weapons that have scaled damage now do 100% base damage if they are 90% accurate. Before the damage would always be scaled down to 90% accurate. This is to reward players for being mostly accurate.
- Players can no longer use stun guns while using a jetpack or wingsuit.
- Fixes issue with Homing Launcher not showing locking/locking cancelled.
- Fixes issue with players able to use the melee damage of snipers/other disallowed guns while in a jetpack/wingsuit.

Stun Gun
- Increases range from 10 to 20.
- Decreases reload time from 50 to 40.