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Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart! GTA in minecraft! GUNS + HOUSES + CARS + POLICE + MORE!

What's up gamers! I have a quick, but important announcement for you all concerning an incoming price change for crowbars.

GTM has decided to
increase the price of crowbars after we buffed up crowbars back in Patch 1.2 and more recently in Patch 1.3.3. In these past patches, we reworked the crowbar crates making them more rewarding, and "OP".

So, after these recent updates, we will be
rebalancing the crowbar prices from...
50 crowbars: $5.0 - $0.1 per crowbar
100 crowbars: $7.50 - $0.075 per crowbar
250 crowbars: $15.00 - $0.06 per crowbar
500 crowbars: $25.00 - $0.05 per crowbar
1000 crowbars: $40.00 - $0.04 per crowbar
2500 crowbars: $80.00 - $0.032 per crowbar

50 crowbars: $7.50 - $0.15 per crowbar
100 crowbars: $10.00 - $0.1 per crowbar
250 crowbars: $20.00 - $0.08 per crowbar
500 crowbars:...
Hello everyone. We are quickly entering the spooky domain and have a lot to cover in this announcement. So let's get started!


To begin, we just launched the GTM Halloween event on the server! This event will run during the night cycle of the server only. During this event, skeletons will spawn around the map equipped with basic armor and a baseball bat. These skeletons will then target players.

You may
kill these skeletons to obtain Roofied chocolate. Roofied chocolate can either be consumed for a random potion effect or sold in the trashcan for more (only during this event!).

These skeletons also have a
rare chance of dropping a Candy bag. Players can use this candy bag to go trick-o-treating! Simply right-click the door of a premium house while the event is active for a sweet reward (more roofied cholocate!) or an unfriendly yell...

Trick or treating costs
$10,000 per each use. This $10,000 is then put inside a lottery pot. On rare occasions, a player has a small chance to win 50% of the entire trick-or-treat pot and enrich their wealth with treasures!

Still confused? No problem! I made y'all a video explaining it all in a
British accent that sounds so real that it's even better then @iExpo's accent..! Trust me....
Good Evening everyone,

As you might have noticed our discord this morning/afternoon got hacked. Many of our channels got deleted which is very sad as we had a lot of important information in them. We also noticed about 1000+ players was banned from the discord. I myself and a couple of staff members have unbanned everyone! We GrandTheftMinecart are very sorry for what happened and will try to make sure that everything is back to normal, we have a little bit more work to do with the channels examples of how to make a suggestion or what that channel is used for. If you do see a channel missing please let a Senior (Admin+) know ASAP. Again the Senior and Management team are very sorry for what happened and the user has been dealt with. Thank you all and have a wonderful time on GTM!
Hello Everyone!

Super sorry for the delay this month
guys. It has been a tough week all
things considered. Anyways, phew, here
I am... Congrats to the winners!
The winners of the September Vote War are listed below.

1st: GoodCookie (146) - $100 gift card & 500 Crowbars

2nd: bjoernole (145) - $50 gift card & 300 Crowbars

3rd: Lucky_Gx (144) - $50 gift card & 200 Crowbars

4th: Micatchu (143) - $25 gift card & 100 crowbars

5th: ItsMeLust (141) - $25 gift card & 50 Crowbars

Note: Your gift cards will be mailed to you on GTM Minesantos (GTM1) later this week. Use /mail read on GTM Minesantos to access!
That's right fellas! We are happy to announce the official launch for our new anticheat, Gary. Yes, Gary is an intelligent and powerful anticheat that we have been testing for some months now. We believe Gary is now ready to be announced to the world!

many useful detection tools to help staff members catch cheaters like never before, Gary is a multipurpose tool that can not only detect when a player cheats but also directly detect some Hacked clients and other cheats! So let us show you the power of Gary, the mighty Anticheat ;)!

Hack-Detection & Blocks
Although Gary's complete detection ranges will be kept private by the senior team to players to prevent players from attempting bypassing, Gary is actually able to detect a very large variety of hacks ranging from blatant fly hacks to silent Kill Auras. When Gary detects a player cheating, Gary will alert all online staff members across the network who could then respond to Gary's report immediately. So it does not matter where a hacker hacks, Gary will report the hacker to a staff member on any server who can then investigate the matter!


(Yes, Gary can generally account for ping lag and server lag, reducing false positives :p)

Besides reporting hackers himself, Gary is also able to block certain hacks and exploits from happening altogether. Once again, although we will not be sharing a...