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Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart! GTA in minecraft! GUNS + HOUSES + CARS + POLICE + MORE!

Per community request explosives received a big nerf, the nerfs are as follows:
  • RPG: Damage 17% Decrease (12 -> 10)
  • Homing Launcher: Damage 20% Decrease (15 -> 12)
  • Sticky Bomb: Damage 29% Decrease (14 -> 10)
  • Grenade: Damage 20% Decrease (17 -> 12)
  • Molotov Cocktail: Damage 55% Decrease (20 -> 9),
  • Duration 30% Decrease

Other Balance Changes:​
  • Bloody Machete: Damage 18% Decrease (16 -> 13) (Will no longer 2 tap, leaves players in full gear at around half a heart)

  • Fixed a bug with borders not loading correctly
  • Fixed an issue where players could kill newer players will Melee hits inside the safe zone
  • Fixed an issue where players could put on the wingsuit in tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to pick up loot if they had not killed the person (This will now only happen if you attempt to pick up loot from someone you cannot kill in the safe zone)
  • Players with teleport protection can no longer open supply drops...

This update has something for everyone, new players and old players alike! With new items for the older players, a new safe zone and tutorial for the newer players, but lets take a look at all the changes!


The new tutorial is interactive, meaning new players get a simple run down of how the game works before starting! New players will learn to sell weapons, shoot and reload their guns, buy weapons, warp to the world and back to spawn, store items in their backpack, and finally rank up!



New players will also be warped only into the safe zone when first starting meaning they will be by players with similar skill level only. This will give them a chance to learn the game without interference from older players! This changes from the old "Danger Zone" which had new players spread out around the map a lot more!

This zone can be viewed on the webmap!


There are a total of 4 new items being added to the game!


This weapon has a charge up mechanic! After a total of 3 hits on the same target, it will deal 3x its base damage! These hits have a cooldown of 1...
Hey Everyone!
Another month has passed.
and once again the vote war
has ended.
And now I think
it's time that I announce
the winners for the last Month.
The February vote war!
So let's cut to the chase!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Winners of the February Vote War are listed below!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1st: SkinKing (141) - $100 giftcard and 500 crowbars!

2nd: LegitAtom (140) - $45 giftcard and 165 crowbars TIE 2/3/4

3rd: FreeYoungThug (140) - $45 giftcard and 165 crowbars TIE 2/3/4

4rd: LegitLucky (140) - $45 giftcard and 165 crowbars! TIE 2/3/4

5th: Dark_Sender (139) - $10 giftcard and 40 crowbars! TIE 5/6

6th: Zilandia (139) - $10 giftcard and 40 crowbars! TIE 5/6

Congratulations everyone!

Note: Your Giftcards will be mailed to you on GTM1 (MineSantos) You can type /mail read to access them!
Note: Your crowbars will be given to you on GTM1 (MineSantos) You can type /crowbars to...

Cheat Codes were recently introduced into Supply Drops, and recently re-coded giving us more options on what Cheat Codes we can make, but we want some ideas from you, the community!

Cheat Codes can operate structurally in one of 2 ways. A Cheat Code can be of
"Single Use", meaning once you unlock it, its done and there is no way to level it up, or improve the Cheat Code. This differs from a "Leveled or Multi Use" which allows you to level up and improve the cheatcode once unlocked.

How do I enter?
Below this post you must put your IGN, Cheat Code Name, whether or not the Cheat Code is "Single" or "Leveled", and a description of your Cheat Code, you can go as in-depth as you wish when submitting you idea below. If you wish you can also attach your Discord Tag.


How will the Cheat Codes get picked?
On the 14th of March
, we will go through and pick the top Cheat Codes to be voted on. The top 50% of those Cheat Codes that were voted on will get added first, the bottom 50% will get added at a later date (Most likely a month after the first). Please have it be known that we will only pick Cheat Codes that are somewhat reasonable. For example if you were to come up with a Cheat Code that gave you 1000 crowbars every minute, it will not be picked. These should be within reason.

What happens if my Cheat Code gets picked?
You are allowed to make as many ideas as you wish, in the case that 2 people come up with the same Cheat Code, the player who posted the Cheat Code first will get the win. If you are to win, you will receive the Cheat Code that you came up with, if its a Leveled Cheat Code, you will receive it to the highest...​

Supply Drops are now on GTM! Supply Drops contain Loot, Money, Cheatcodes, and in the future will event contain claimable and sellable tags!


The Supply Drop menu, which can be accessed through either the command /supplydrop menu or by going to the My Account menu located in the phone.


Right clicking the icon will bring you to the purchase menu!


Shift right clicking will bring you to the supply drop rewards menu, where you can see the rarity or certain rewards!

Last but not least, left clicking will allow you to spawn a supply drop! In order for this to work, you must have a clear
6x6 radius around you, you cannot be in a house, at spawn or under a block!


From there the supply drop will fall from the sky allowing you to right click the supply drop, and claim all of your rewards!

How can I get Supply Drops?
Supply drops can be purchased from the webstore (store.grandftheftmc.net) or using gold in game! To purchase suppl

Get a Cheat Code from a supply drop that you already have? No problem! Cheat codes can be traded and given to other players in game, as well as listed on the
Black Market!


Along with supply drops being released, we added a new weapon, the