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Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart! GTA in minecraft! GUNS + HOUSES + CARS + POLICE + MORE!

[Patch 1.0.1]

Last week, we overhauled all of the weapons to have more character, do more damage and bring back the fun part of PvP. We opened our discord to public feedback using the #weapon-test channel and are still seeking your gameplay opinions.

This week, we want to publicly introduce a versioning system so players can keep up to date on what changes are happening over the next few months. The screenshot of our MOTD below shows how we introduce patch numbers directly to the server list.


Following up on the massive updates last week to ALL guns, we feel that we missed the mark of adding a unique identity and feel to the SHOTGUN class. This week we hope to capture the true feeling of the shotgun.

[General Changes]
-/suicide can no longer be used as a means of clearing your inventory before you are killed. Your items will now no longer be cleared. Therefore, players abusing this glitch before they are killed by another player will still drop their items.
- Applies a small fix to players not always being able to see their scoreboard.

[Weapon Changes]
- Explosive/Launcher/Throwable weapons that have scaled damage now do 100% base damage if they are 90% accurate. Before the damage would always be scaled down to 90% accurate. This is to reward players for being mostly accurate.
- Players can no longer use stun guns while using a jetpack or wingsuit.
- Fixes issue with Homing Launcher not showing locking/locking cancelled.
- Fixes issue with players able to use the melee damage of snipers/other disallowed guns while in a jetpack/wingsuit.

Stun Gun
- Increases range from 10 to 20.
- Decreases reload time from 50 to 40.

Hello, everyone!

The winners of the August Vote War are listed below.


1st: Micatchu (162) - $100 gift card, 2,500 tokens & $500,000

2nd: Owendog77 (151) - $50 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $300,000

3rd: minecraftgamer46 (147) - $50 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $75,000

4th: Runkelpokk (137) - $25 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $75,000

5th: Bambusleitung13 (124) - $25 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $75,000

Note: your gift cards will be mailed to you later today on GTM 1.
In addition, everyone has been set with a free 10 voting streak!
GTM Update

Global Voting

We have reworked our backend systems to use user state transactions when processing votes, allowing offline voting to still reward players with vote streak increments, vote streak rewards, and still get credit for the monthly vote wars.

Reworked user vote storage to be more efficient and more detailed. This caused us to lose vote histories according to the old table. On the first of the month, all users that have logged in since the new update will be given a free 10 voting steak.

Various Backend Changes

Cleaned up various backend storage systems, taking advantage of caching calculations, reducing stress on the MySQL server, with hopes to improve server side efficiency.

Introduces mutex contention for loading/saving players.

With the closing of GTM2, GTM3, GTM5, and GTM6, we've introduced some variables into the game that allow us to control some settings on the live network as it's played. This includes turning off PVP, trade, npc interactions, and more.

Server Death Tax

Introduces server death tax, which will take some of the money a player drops and removes it completely from the server. This scales according to preset variables we have, and can be a minimum amount. Currently the flat tax rate is 20%. Therefore, if a player dies and "drops $50,000", they will actually only drop $40,000.

Weapon Changes
- All weapons backend calculations have been changed, including how accuracy is determined, how revolutions per second is calculated, how fire rate is calculated, and adds additional variables that we can change going...
Hello, everyone!

The winners of the July Vote War are listed below.


1st: minecraftgamer46 (175) - $100 gift card, 2,500 tokens & $500,000

2nd: Micatchu (166) - $50 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $300,000

3rd: WrapItB4uTapIt (159) - $50 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $75,000

4th: ehhhhhhhhhh (155) - $25 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $75,000

5th: Arik_Holzbau (152) - $25 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $75,000

Note: your gift cards will be mailed to you later today on GTM 1.
Rule #1: No spamming or chat flooding (This includes commands)
Please don't repeat messages or commands excessive amounts of time in chat. This includes any sorts of chat flooding, spam in PMs, or repeat letters (character spam).
Here are a few examples (What not to do):
Chat Flood
Chat Flood (2)
Character Spam

Command Spam

Command Spam (2)

Rule #2: No bypassing mutes in any way
When you are punished with a mute, please in no way bypass this, whether it be through /gmsg, or the unnecessary use of /help.
Here are a few examples (What not to do):
Mute bypassing (/help)
Mute bypassing (gmsg)

Rule #3: No hacking or use of illegal modifications

Please do not use illegal modifications or any use of hacked clients. For a list of the illegal modifications, visit the illegal modifications thread.

Rule #4: No [COLOR=rgb(255,...