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GTM Beta Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyborg_, Jul 22, 2023.

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    Aug 10, 2020
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    GTM2 Beta (GTM9) will end on August 4th, but until then we have decided to make it a version of "Kit PvP". Every 2 minutes you are able to claim a kit, (ignore the 3 minutes below, it was changed to 2). We have done this to allow players to play around with the new vehicles, and air pvp changes!

    We have also made it so everyone can use an weapon, armor, vehicle, jetpack wing etc for the duration of the beta.

    House doors now open, meaning you can pvp with people inside. You are able to open these doors if you are in combat, but the door will stay open for 5 seconds instead of 2 if you weren't in combat! Only players added or owning the house can open these doors, but anyone can walk in! You must both be inside the house to damage each other. People outside the house can't just rpg spam you if your inside! (This feature will be present on GTM2).


    Lastly you will also get 5 gold for each kill (BETA ONLY), so players are able to buy houses!

    We have also added a brand new preference to allow you to toggle your sniper scope.

    With preference on: upload_2023-7-22_16-40-52.png

    With off: (Still zoomed in)

    The follow bugs were fixed:

    * Fixed a bug where supply drops would stack and bug
    * Fixed a bug with Cheat Code textures
    * Fixed a bug with vehicle hijacking
    * Fixed a bug with vehicle damage
    * Fixed a bug with the sniper scope not appearing
    * Fixed the sell inventory button partially
    * Fixed a bug with Cheat Code claiming
    * Fixed a bug where you could lead a gang, but not actually be in a gang

    Known Bugs: All bugs marked with % will be fixed ASAP
    * The sell all button in the trashcan won't account for your Hot Bar %
    * Some houses on the map are removed, as they contain elevators (GTM2 Beta only bug)
    * Weird prices in the Item Shops (GTM2 Beta only bug)
    * Slight delay between sniper (fixed)
    Will update if we find more​

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