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Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart! GTA in minecraft! GUNS + HOUSES + CARS + POLICE + MORE!

[Patch 1.2.1]
We wanted to take our time with this patch and gather some feedback about how new players are fairing when they first join the game, and what user experience features are the most helpful in order to become a better GTM player.

Our dedicated player base loves PvP scenarios but sometimes those scenarios can have negative effects on players that first join the server. It's in everyone's best interest that new players give the game a fair chance, and the discrepancy in gear/weapons do not leave a sour taste in their mouth.

With this in mind, we wanted to make sure there are enough visual tools and help that we can offer to new and existing players in order to keep up with the ongoing changes.

[Newb PvP Protection Timer]
New players will automatically enter this tutorial state while traversing throughout the main map and will lose this state after their timer expires. Players that join the server and are eligible for this PvP Protection will be notified in-game with a message.


Please read carefully below about players in this PvP Protection state:
- Players will not be able to pick up any items on the ground in the main world.
- Players will not be able to interact, shoot, or throw any kind of weapon.
- Players will not be able to take any damage from other players.
- Players will be limited in the max amount of money they can deposit to their bank.

So what's the point?
This will allow new players time to explore the map and get accustomed to the looting system, and teleport back to spawn with any loot they've obtained. They will be able to sell their loot, but they will be limited on the amount of money they can deposit in their bank.

What's the bank limit?
Currently, only the first FOUR GTM ranks are affected by the max...

Grand Theft Minecart would like to wish you all a happy Valentine´s day. To celebrate this lovely day, the senior team got some fun events planned for you guys! To participate in these events, you will have to be online. As we will be announcing them in-game later today. All of these events require a ´team´ of two, you will need a Valentine to participate in the events. This does not need to be your girlfriend, it can also be your friend you pvp a lot with. To start with, as most of you have already seen, there is a picture booth at the right side of spawn on MineSantos and Sanktburg. Inside this picture booth you can take a picture with your Valentine. By commenting under this forum thread with your Valentine picture, we will pick at the end of today three ´couples´ that will receive 50 Crowbars each. Again, your Valentine can also be your friend. The other events will be announced in-game later today, so keep an eye out on that!


We have launched a 10% sale on our store at store.grandtheftmc.net. So whether its that rank upgrade you have wanted forever, or those permits, now is the time! We have also added the Valetine´s Day Tags for a LIMITED TIME! Head over to the Valentine´s Day category of our store to find them. These Valentine tags are highly exclusive, so don't miss them!
Hello, everyone!
This is the very first vote war results of the year.
Extra congratulations to all
the vote war winners for winning
the first vote war of 2019! :)

The winners of the January Vote War are listed below.

1st: minecraftgamer46 (153) - $100 gift card, 2,000 tokens & 500 Crowbars

2nd: Micatchu (151) - $50 gift card, 1,500 tokens & 300 Crowbars

3rd: Aline_Holzbau (143) - $50 gift card, 1000 tokens & 200 Crowbars

4th: YASC (141) - $25 gift card, 500 tokens & 100 Crowbars

5th: owpe21oleo (137) - $25 gift card, 250 tokens & 50 Crowbars

Note: Your gift cards will be mailed to you on GTM Minesantos (GTM1) later today. Use /mail read on GTM Minesantos to access!
Hello everyone. Today's announcement is rather quick but exciting. We are happy to announce that after several requests from GTM players, we are finally bringing back Custom Premium Houses! Custom houses are Premium houses, specially built for a certain player. These custom houses may contain (almost) any customization a player can dream of, ranging from the size, shape, and color of their house, or even specific customizations such as having a secret room, or your player skulls within the custom house!

You are now able to request Custom Houses at https://grandtheftmc.net/support-tickets/open under the "Custom House" department. The request will then be appropriately handled by the build team! For further instructions and details on how to proceed, please visit the following post:

Please do not create a custom house ticket before reviewing the above-linked post to save both your, and our time!

Grand Theft Minecart would like to announce the release of its very own WIKI! The GTM wiki can be found at the website wiki.grandtheftmc.net. There is also a button on the forums that brings you straight to the wiki. Soon you will be able to use the command /wiki in-game to find a link to the wiki.

The Grand Theft Minecart wiki includes all the information you need to know in order to get started and to get a better understanding of our server! At the wiki you can find information about every single topic in three different languages, English, German and Dutch. Not only for new players, but also for long time players you can find a lot of useful information you might have not known. You can even find a command list on there!

We would like to thank all the wiki team members that have been working several months on this big project. Without them there would not have been a wiki at all, so make sure to thank them! Even though they have been working many months on the wiki and have included nearly all the important information, there can be information that needs to be added or outdated content that needs an update. As a player you can help us by editing the pages and add the information or update the outdated content. Your edits will have to be reviewed by a wiki moderator or administrator before it actually gets added, to prevent vandalism.

We are excited to hear what the community thinks about the wiki. Please leave any thoughts, comments, feedback or suggestions below! We will try to get back to as many of you as possible and continue with improving the wiki.