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Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart! GTA in minecraft! GUNS + HOUSES + CARS + POLICE + MORE!

Hello everyone!

You might be asking yourself, who is this guy? Well I am Mistagojo, GTM’s newest community manager. We have some thrilling things coming up, and I’m excited to share some of our future plans with you.


We will be hosting our first event on Vice S2 this weekend. One of the most important aspects of Vice is raiding, so we took it upon ourselves to prepare a raid event for all of you to compete head to head in! The event will be on Saturday, March 10th at 1:00pm EST / 7:00pm CET.

When the event begins, we will place a claimed base in a neutral location in the wilderness. Although the base is in a neutral location in the wilderness, you will need to prepare for PvP as other people may try and kill you and take the reward for themself! The base will be well defended and it will be up to you and your friends to break in and steal the fabulous loot inside.

I know that all you can think about is the fabulous loot inside, right? The base will be packed full of money, crowbars, weapons, armor, and some other secret loot *wink*

I look forward to seeing you at the event!


As many of you have already noticed, I has stepped into a management position here at GTM. Essentially, I’ll be handling and organizing a multitude of things revolving around the community. There are so many exciting events and giveaways planned for GTM so stay on the lookout for future announcements!

The raid event on Vice is just the beginning of what we have planned in terms of events. We have some small informal events in the works, and we also have some larger immersive events planned for special occasions. Anytime an event takes place, we will provide notice on the forums, social media, discord, and in-game prior to event. Make sure you are active in all of those locations so you don’t miss any fun events!

You will also see a huge spike in activity from...

Hello players of creative! GTM will be hosting the first ever Creative Build Competition! We want to see who has the most artistic expression in them!
What: If you enter, you will need to make a house with a surrounding, all with the minimum size of one creative plot. Some ideas of things that you can put in your surroundings is trees, roads, landscaping, other shacks/smaller houses.

The deadline for this is 03/17/18! That's two weeks to complete your plot to the best of your abilities.

How to Enter: Comment below with your IGN, Discord, Plot ID, and a few pictures of your build (all in one comment). Submissions will only be accepted through this forums thread.


  • You cannot already be a builder or staff member.
  • The builds must be new and original, they can not already be on the internet or on creative.
  • You must be the ONLY one who builds it, team building is not allowed.
  • You must have a creative surrounding.

1st: $25 Gift Card
2nd: 250 Crowbars
3rd: 100 Crowbars
Hello, everyone!

Stepping in for Cruee on this one, he'll be giving rewards shortly
The winners of the February Vote War are listed below.


1st: MrNoisyRay (162) - $100 gift card, 2,500 tokens & $500,000

2nd: Micatchu (152) - $50 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $300,000

3rd: Fearzz (143) - $50 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $75,000

4th: HenningLenz (142) - $25 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $75,000

5th: 2002Wouter (139) - $25 gift card, 1,000 tokens & $75,000

Shout out to MMX, Venixxe, blackmagic9988, RockinderStar, and iTraitor for voting a bunch as well!

Note: your gift cards will be mailed to you on GTM 1.

Hello everyone!

It's been a bit, hasn't it? We've been hard at work on Vice Season 2, which is looking to be quite a fantastic server! Now that it's out, and urgent bugs dealt with, we're shifting our focus back to GTM a bit more.

Going forwards, we're aiming to have more frequent updates (we're aiming for every week) with at least 1 new content feature in each one. This should be pretty cool if we can achieve it, so fingers crossed!

Every weapon now has a star associated with it. This can be seen in the lore of the item. The star level of a weapon dictates the amount of damage it does - each new level of star adds a balanced extra percent on top of the normal damage.


All bought guns will only have 1 star. To find 2 or 3 star weapons, you will need to find them in loot crates. The more stars, the rarer the item is! You cannot change the star level of a weapon, so those 3 stars are really something to hold onto.


  • Miscellaneous additions
We've made the hub menus look nicer, added lots of statistical tracking for us to see how we can improve the network. We've made the bank look a bit nicer, and HelpOP is now called Helper.


  • Beer: Strength decreased by 1, Slowness increased by 1
  • Vodka: Strength increased by 1, Slowness increased by 1
  • Notification for resourcepack failure is now more visible
  • Sniper is 25% less accurate, but now has 100% accuracy when aiming down scopes. Also deals 15% more damage
  • Wanted...

Season 2 is available to all players. Join it from the Hub!

Hello there, and welcome to the mega-thread for Vice Season 2! There's gonna be quite a bit of information to go over here, so hang tight. Before we head into the exciting second season of Vice, however, let's quickly look back at Season 1.

Season 1 was the initial version of Vice, and had a pretty intensely close competition between the two top cartels. Here are the top three cartels; the score is calculated like so: cartel stash + (claimed chunks * 64)^2.


Congratulations to these people! LaNoire will receive $500 in Store credits, so Brownwood - please PM me on Discord and we can sort the distribution of that ($250 to the leader, $250 among the members by default).

There is a lot of stuff in Season 2 that wasn't in Season 1. Each new season of Vice will add a number of large new features to the server. These are the main ones for this season!

Drug Machines
Machines are custom blocks that process drugs in different ways. We have drying chambers that you can use to dry mushrooms and leaves, mixers, and more. You can purchase any machine at the shop in spawn. A machine requires fuel, and has a durability to it. As such, you have to make sure that there is always enough fuel (lava buckets, wood, coal all works) for the machine to remain active, and make sure that you can replace it when it eventually breaks.


Machines also completely work with redstone, meaning you can build complicated factories that process drugs at rapid rates, using hoppers and the like.

Custom World

In Season 1, the...