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Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart! GTA in minecraft! GUNS + HOUSES + CARS + POLICE + MORE!

Introducing San Fierro (GTM2), a brand new GTM server!

A few instrumental changes having been released over the last weeks in regards to retaining new players, and growing the server, and now we are ready for the next step. For far too long new players have had to face a heavily inflated economy, that made the server increasingly hard to play and get started on. For this reason we feel it’s best that we bring a new server into the mix that will bring in a new and fresh economy.

GTM2 will have the same current features that GTM1 has with the exception of Crowbar crate rewards, Supply Drop rewards and a few other things that are exclusive to the GTM1 economy. This just means the rewards will be changed, doesn’t mean the features will be removed.

GTM2 will use the GTM Reloaded map, which was only featured for a month back in June of 2022. Unlike GTM Reloaded GTM2 is here to stay, and will not reset. The map will be changed a lot after the initial release, but it will be the GTM Reloaded map to start.

We are excited to release a server with a fresh economy that will make the game more enjoyable for new players and old players alike. Those of you who play on GTM1 will still be able to play on GTM1 normally, there will just be one more server in the mix!

We are working on brining out GTM2, but before giving an exact date we want to ensure that GTM2 is completely ready so we don’t need to push that dates back, as soon as we have a date you will all know!

The Easter Event is upon us! This update is on information on the Event, Bug Fixes, a special Riot Shield Update, and many more. Look below for the changes!

As many of you know, the Easter Event is the same as past years. There are four main changes to the server during this event.

(1) You can see a boss bar at the top depicting how much longer the event!
(2) You can collect 30 Physical places heads around the map. You get 8x throwable eggs, which drop loot and spawn bunnies. You can kill the bunnies to get easter chocolate.

(3) Easter Chocolate, if right clicked, will open an in-game easter menu where you can use the chocolates as currency to get in-game items or tags!
(4) Tags are added to the GTM store and to the vote-shop, for you to get GTM related easter tags to show off to all of your friends during, and after the easter event is over.

Here are some basic metrics over the Easter Event:
- 35 bunnies per chunk .
- 25 eggs can spawn per chunk.
- Eggs spawn every 4 minutes.
- Eggs have a...

Per community request explosives received a big nerf, the nerfs are as follows:
  • RPG: Damage 17% Decrease (12 -> 10)
  • Homing Launcher: Damage 20% Decrease (15 -> 12)
  • Sticky Bomb: Damage 29% Decrease (14 -> 10)
  • Grenade: Damage 20% Decrease (17 -> 12)
  • Molotov Cocktail: Damage 55% Decrease (20 -> 9),
  • Duration 30% Decrease

Other Balance Changes:​
  • Bloody Machete: Damage 18% Decrease (16 -> 13) (Will no longer 2 tap, leaves players in full gear at around half a heart)

  • Fixed a bug with borders not loading correctly
  • Fixed an issue where players could kill newer players will Melee hits inside the safe zone
  • Fixed an issue where players could put on the wingsuit in tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to pick up loot if they had not killed the person (This will now only happen if you attempt to pick up loot from someone you cannot kill in the safe zone)
  • Players with teleport protection can no longer open supply drops...

This update has something for everyone, new players and old players alike! With new items for the older players, a new safe zone and tutorial for the newer players, but lets take a look at all the changes!


The new tutorial is interactive, meaning new players get a simple run down of how the game works before starting! New players will learn to sell weapons, shoot and reload their guns, buy weapons, warp to the world and back to spawn, store items in their backpack, and finally rank up!



New players will also be warped only into the safe zone when first starting meaning they will be by players with similar skill level only. This will give them a chance to learn the game without interference from older players! This changes from the old "Danger Zone" which had new players spread out around the map a lot more!

This zone can be viewed on the webmap!


There are a total of 4 new items being added to the game!


This weapon has a charge up mechanic! After a total of 3 hits on the same target, it will deal 3x its base damage! These hits have a cooldown of 1...
Hey Everyone!
Another month has passed.
and once again the vote war
has ended.
And now I think
it's time that I announce
the winners for the last Month.
The February vote war!
So let's cut to the chase!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Winners of the February Vote War are listed below!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1st: SkinKing (141) - $100 giftcard and 500 crowbars!

2nd: LegitAtom (140) - $45 giftcard and 165 crowbars TIE 2/3/4

3rd: FreeYoungThug (140) - $45 giftcard and 165 crowbars TIE 2/3/4

4rd: LegitLucky (140) - $45 giftcard and 165 crowbars! TIE 2/3/4

5th: Dark_Sender (139) - $10 giftcard and 40 crowbars! TIE 5/6

6th: Zilandia (139) - $10 giftcard and 40 crowbars! TIE 5/6

Congratulations everyone!

Note: Your Giftcards will be mailed to you on GTM1 (MineSantos) You can type /mail read to access them!
Note: Your crowbars will be given to you on GTM1 (MineSantos) You can type /crowbars to...