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Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart! GTA in minecraft! GUNS + HOUSES + CARS + POLICE + MORE!

Hey Everyone!
Another month has passed.
and once again the vote war
has ended.
And now I think
it's time that I announce
the winners for the last Month.
The August vote war!
So let's cut to the chase!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Winners of the August Vote War are listed below!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1st: 999wrld_ (184) - $100 giftcard and 500 crowbars!

2nd: Biktor1 (178) - $65 giftcard and 250 crowbars!

3rd: GodlyCurry (172) - $50 giftcard and 150 crowbars!

4th: TOEZFORMYLIFE (166) - $25 giftcard and 100 crowbars!

5th: Connectie (165) - $15 giftcard and 75 crowbars!

Congratz everyone!
Note: Your Giftcards will be mailed to you on GTM1 (MineSantos) You can type /mail read to access them!

This update contains features long requested by the community, mixed in with some new features designed to further centralize and improve the GTM PvP experience for old and new players alike! Without further ado let's dive into these patch notes.


Our previous web map lacked a lot of features and was extremely hard to update, our new web map can be refreshed with a simple in-game command! The new web map also shows statistics regarding PvP, and shows helpful stats to all players such as Loot Crates, Rare Loot Crates, Warps, Houses, Non Premium Houses, Map Zones, and where the active Map Zones are located!


Players wishing to view the different statistics our map shows can toggle the different markers by checking a box shown in the photo above! You can also search for different markers including different house ids and grab the exact coordinates by clicking the marker symbol in the top right!


You can log into the webmap to view yourself on the map and other features! WARNING, once you create your account you will NOT be able to change your password! You will need to grab the registration code seen below to log into the web map! NOTE: Logging in is not required to view any markers!


To access the Map, scroll to the top of the page or simply click *HERE*


One of the most important features of this update are the Map Zones themselves, the new zones allow us to limit PvP between older players and newer players, this means by default all PvP with players more then 4 ranks apart is restricted, but this isn’t as bad as it sounds!

We are able to override this setting with a huge border that enables PvP between all...
Hey wassup, GTMers! Today we are excited to announce the release of Daily Missions onto GTM along with a bunch of other cool stuff. Daily Missions has been a big feature in development for quite a long time and we are excited to finally be able to have it out!

But no no no! Daily missions aren't all we got for you. Coming with daily missions, this patch comes with a
new medkit called the "boost kit", some highly requested balance changes, and even some Quality of Life (QoL) stuff mixed in!

So without further due, let's dive into the patch notes :D!

Daily Missions are the premiere feature of this new patch. Daily missions are a "mid-game" feature that unlocks at the Mugger rank.

The daily missions menu can be accessed through your Phone in:
Phone -> Missions -> Daily Missions.

When you first open the daily missions menu, you will be asked to enroll in the daily mission quest. At this time, it takes $250,000 to enroll in daily missions. But here is the catch: as long as you do your daily missions every day, you can make your money back AND MORE in less than a week over the 42-days worth of missions! However, if you miss even a single day, your daily mission progression will reset.


There will be a scheduled maintenance tomorrow, Wednesday, August 17, 2022. The maintenance is expected to take up to 3 hours during which we will be bringing in some major updates for you all as well as making some important backend changes.

This maintenance will start at around (give or take half an hour):
* 7 PM Eastern Standard Time (US)
* 6 PM Central Time (US) * 5 PM Mountain Time (US)
* 4 PM Pacific Time (US)
* 1:00 AM Central European Time (the date will be August 18 for your guys)

We would like to apologize in advance to any inconvenience this may cause.
After the closing of GTM7 we have noticed a significant more amount of players playing on GTM1, this has left GTM4 mostly for dead, and after a lot of back and forth talk, we have decided to close it. This does come with concerns such as GTM1's economy, but after calculating how much loot is in the GTM4 economy, including houses compared to GTM1's economy, we have confidence that GTM1's economy will survive.

In order for GTM to grow and have a brighter future it is essential that we close GTM4. This is not the end of GTM, it's only the beginning of something new, we will continue to push out new and exciting content as far as the eye can see.

What will happen to all my loot on GTM4 (Sanktburg)?:

GTMs Transfer system will work the same way as GTM7's did. The transfer system is now able to transfer loot in Non Premium houses, stats, ender chest, and more. When transferring your data in game, you will be able to view more details on exactly what transfers.

What will happen to my loot on the server I am transferring my data to?:

In order to prevent as much damage to GTM1s economy all your data on the target server will be replaced with your data on GTM4. This includes things such as gold, any premium houses you may own, any loot you have. If you do not have anything of value on GTM4, and do on another server, it is not encouraged to transfer.

How do I transfer?

To begin transferring your data you will need to use the /transfer command in-game. Once you do this, you will be walked through steps on where you would want to transfer, and what gets transferred. Once you transfer you CANNOT turn back. Clicking the final button to begin the transfer will ban you until the transfer is complete. If an error in is encountered, you will be permanently banned and will need to immediately DM an admin or above

What is...