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Easter Event and Housing Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyborg_, Mar 28, 2024.

  1. Cyborg_

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    Aug 10, 2020
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    This year the GTM team wanted to focus on making easter more eggciting, and to do that we wanted to try and eliminate some of the pain that comes with bunny farming and improve server performance. During this years easter event, bunnies will combine with each other, improving server performance, and ease of farming.


    Each time you spawn a bunny from an egg, the server will attempt to combine it with a bunny around you, this can happen up to
    32 times, giving you a bunny with 32 times the normal spawning rate. These bunnies will give you the same amount of chocolate as amount of bunnies.

    Easter eggs will spawn every 5 minutes, each chunk can spawn a max of 32 eggs. Meaning if you want to make the most of bunnies if you have over 32, you'll need more than one chunk! Each egg when thrown has a 3.5% chance to spawn a bunny, and a chance to get other cool items!

    Killing bunnies like usual still gives
    Easter Chocolate! Right click Easter Chocolate to open a shop and buy things like weapons, gold and even these cool new easter tags! Also make sure to vote, you can get plenty

    upload_2024-3-28_1-9-7.png upload_2024-3-28_1-9-40.png

    Make sure to also hunt around the map for the
    24 different eggs! Claiming each egg will give you 8 easter eggs, and finding all eggs with give you 15 crowbars and 2 tags. These eggs are all accessible by foot.


    Boxer Tag which is one of the tags given out when completing the hunt, is dedicated to VyvanseOD, a beloved member of the community who sadly passed away recently. Vyvanse loved going to the gym, boxing and riding motorcycles. Vyvanse was at one point a mod on GTM, and made a positive impact on the community and those he interacted with, our condolences are with his family.

    Other changes:
    * Railguns cannot damage bunnies that are spawned with easter eggs
    * Bunnies cannot suffocate / take any fall damage
    * Fixed voteshop displaying tokens

    * GTM added a new dedicated server box in order to improve performance!


    Starting 60 days after this announcement, GTM will be implementing a new requirement to keep your premium houses. Currently if you don't log on for 45 days, your house is force-sold, and 75% of your gold is refunded. We want to prioritize the active members of the GTM community by implementing an active playtime requirement in order to keep your premium houses.

    This playtime requirement will be 10 hours of active playtime over 60 days. This time does not include time spent AFK. This change will not take effect right away, as players will have a 60 day grave period to gain the 10 hours of active playtime. Starting on June 1st, seniors will check weekly and any players not meeting this requirement will have their houses force-sold. If your house is force-sold, you will now receive 100% of the gold back. A command will be added soon to check your playtime in the last 60 days.
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    your mom's house
    all my homies love cyborg_
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    i love cy too... he is my little boo