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Gang Territories Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyborg_, Apr 12, 2024.

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    Gang's have never had a direct way to compete with each other, a way to show who the most dominant gang on GTM is, that all changes with Gang Territories. Gang Territories is a feature similar to King of the Kill, where you and your gang attempt to capture a territory denoted by a border, and have the opportunity to earn some juicy rewards! There are a lot of new mechanics being added, so lets dive in!


    In order to capture a territory, you must have at least 3 gang members (this is subject to change) from your gang and outnumber all the other gangs in the territory, once these conditions are met, a gang will begin capturing the territory and gain a resistance boost, and the ability to teleport directly back to their territory! The speed the territory captures at depends on how many gang members are in the territory!

    If at any point a gang outnumbers your gang, they will begin to attack it, and eventually remove your claim on the territory, and start their own, its up to you to defend it! If you manage to be the last one to have captured the territory, your gang gets access to the Gang Crate, which has similar rewards to a Tier 2 Supply Drop!


    It might seem unfair that you can hold the territory for the entire time, and just have another gang swoop in and steal the gang crate at the end, but don't worry! Each week on GTM, there is a weekly gang session, and the end of each weekly session, the top 3 gangs get rewards. The top 3 gangs are decided by how much time they have captured the territories throughout the week, and can reap the rewards! So it's worth holding on the territory!

    (First place gets an exclusive tag for that week)

    For gangs that want to compete even outside of the weekly sessions to see who is truly the best gang on GTM, capture time is kept from all weekly sessions, and put into the Gang All Time leaderboard in the /gang territory menu, or the one at spawn!


    Speaking of Leaderboard's, we have added some to the Old Casino building at spawn! Will your gang be the first on that middle leaderboard, Sunday at 12PM EST if the first ever weekly session!



    Per popular request we have added a way to view both Non-Premium and Premium houses in the Real Estate Agent at spawn!


    * Removed mounts from being usable in the warzone
    * Fixed a bug with Rperks where when not even flying with a Jetpack, your chat would be spammed
    * Made max Gang Limit 18
    * Vehicles now use golden swords instead of blocks
    * Made it so you can still shoot your Gang Allies

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