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The forums can be found here and the forums are where you can create appeals, threads, Helper Applications, discussion topics, donor deal agreements, and much more! Make sure to follow the
forums rules which be found by clicking the following link: https://grandtheftmc.net/threads/gtm-rules-and-regulations.10052/#post-36894


1. News and Information
2. General Discussion
3. Offtopic
4. Support
5. Applications
6. FAQs

News and Information
This is where important posts go, including updates to GTM, competitions, events, and vote war winners.

Rules and Community Guidelines:
-This is where the rules are, including in-game rules, forum rules, discord rules, Allowed and Blacklisted Modifications, and more.

-This also shows the current GTM Staff Team and the roles of each position on the staff team.

-There is also the requirements for a YouTube rank on the server, or possible benefits of creating content or videos on the server, such as a $100 Gift Card for the GTM Store!

-How to request Custom Houses can also be found here, although Custom Houses are currently not being produced.

-The Social Media accounts for GTM can also be found here:
Twitter - Facebook - Instagram

-GTM's list of MOST but not all Allowed / Blacklisted Modifications can be found here as well.
Allowed and Blacklisted Modifications


General Discussion
Global Discussion:
This is where any threads regarding the GTM servers as a whole would go.

Grand Theft Minecart: This is where any threads specifically regarding Grand Theft Minecart server would go. This includes any sort of gang recruitment, houses, or even a casual conversation about a topic on GTM.

Creative: This is where any threads specifically regarding Creative would go. This includes showcasing your builds, questions, and ideas or conversations about a topic on Creative.

Trading: This is where you would follow the trade format by creating a thread and having both players agree to the trade for an in-real-life deal. Be advised that the player should be ranked, for more information on in-real-life deals check out the following link: https://grandtheftmc.net/wiki/Donor-Deals

Video Showcase: This is where you can showcase any videos you record on Grand Theft Minecart.


General Offtopic:
This is where any threads regarding Off-Topic topics that do not fit in any of the other Off-Topic categories would go.

Gaming: This is where any threads regarding Gaming would go.

Minecraft: This is where any threads regarding Minecraft, in general, would go.

Real Life: This is where any threads regarding Real Life would go.


Appeals can be created on the forums. You can read all about Support tickets here. You can create these tickets by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking either Appeals and Reports or Store Issues, both lead to the same page.


Bugs and Suggestions: Here is where you can create threads about current bugs on GTM or suggestions you have regarding GTM.

Community Support: This section is where you can ask questions. Please do not create appeals here.

Tutorials: Tutorials are where you can create tutorials or you can view threads that other people have already created.

Helper / Build Team / QA Applications:
This is where you can create your Helper, Build Team, or QA application. Please read all relating information to your application including, but not limited to, the required format, the requirements to apply, and all other information.
Helper - Build Team - QA Team


How do I create a thread?
On the top right of the page underneath your forums avatar, select the label called "Post New Thread" to create a thread.

How do I create a forums account? Go onto the forums page, then click Register on the top right-hand corner, then fill in all the information it asks for.

Why would I want to create a forums account? If you make a forums account, you can participate in forums competitions, engage in discussions with other players, be able to do donor deals safely, create appeals, create applications, and much more!

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  3. General Discussion

    General discussion related to the wiki.


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