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GTM Allowed Modifications

Discussion in 'Rules and Community Guidelines' started by Information, Sep 12, 2017.

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  1. Information

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    Sep 16, 2017
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    Use of, or logging on the network with any type of blacklisted modifications will result in an immediate ban from the network. Use of any modifications to your game that would give you an advantage in gameplay over other players is strictly prohibited. This would give you an advantage in terms of combat, movement, building etc. If you are not sure if you are allowed to use a specific modification, review this list or consult a member of staff before using it.


    << Allowed Modifications >>
    Allowed modifications on our network.

    - Optifine // FPS Boosting Mods
    - Custom Crosshair Mods
    - Armor & Effect Status

    - Brightness Mods
    - Coordinate Mod
    - Animation Mod
    - Direction HUD
    - Block Overlay

    - Sidebar Mod
    - Replay Mod
    - Text Macros
    - Capes Mod
    - Keystrokes
    - Badlion Client
    - Lunar Client
    - 5zig Mod
    - Fastchat
    - Crosshair
    - Shaders
    -Toggle Sprint (as long as it's not bypassing weight)
    -Toggle Sneak (as long as it does
    not allow you to type while crouched)

    << Disallowed Modifications >>
    Disallowed modifications on our network.
    - Hacked Clients
    - Autoclickers // Double Click
    - X-Ray Resource Packs
    - Minimap // Radar
    - Command Macros
    - Any Private mods
    or mod versions not
    publically accessible
    for downloads.
    - Damage Indicators
    - Using Controllers
    - Health Indicators
    - Modded Mouse
    - Action Macros

    - Cosmic Client
    - Feather Client

    - Schematica
    - Vivecraft
    - Chest ESP
    - Labymod
    - X-Ray
    - Reach


    To be clear, this list does NOT include all allowed or disallowed modifications. Any modifications you are using that cannot be found in the allowed modifications list, and not in the disallowed modifications list are used at your own risk. If you get banned from the server for using one, we unfortunately cannot help you. The best thing you can do is consult a member of staff, before using the modification.
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