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In-game ranks
In-game ranks
are ranks that you can get by using your in-game money. If you type /rankup, it will show how much money you need to be able to rankup. Once you have enough money, withdraw the correct amount of money, then type /rankup. After that, you need to type /rankup confirm.

Each rank has a different kit and you can only use the kits of your current rank as well as the Hobo and Criminal kits. Example: If you are Mobster and ranked up to Godfather, you would no longer be able to use your Mobster kit but instead will be able to use the Hobo kit, Criminal kit, and Godfather kit. To see to contents of every kit use the command /kits.

When you first join the server, you get an extra $5,000 in-game money at the start to help you out to buy guns and pay for warps. Ranking up does not just give you a kit, it also brings new unlocked guns with it. For example, You can only use the minigun at Godfather. To find all the ranks and their perks, you will have to open your Phone, click on My Account, followed by clicking on Ranks or type the command /ranks in chat. The following ranks are available to buy with in-game money only:

  • Hobo: Free (This is your starter rank)
  • Hobo -> Criminal: $10,000 in-game money.
  • Criminal -> Homie: $25,000 in-game money, Unlocks Marksman Pistol
  • Homie -> Thug: $50,000 in-game money, Unlocks Heavy Shotgun
  • Thug -> Gangster: $75,000 in-game money, Unlocks Chainsaw, Gusenberg Sweeper
  • Gangster -> Mugger: $100,000 in-game money, Unlocks RPG
  • Mugger -> Hunter $250,000 in-game money, Unlocks Heavy Sniper
  • Hunter -> Dealer: $500,000 in-game money, Unlocks Special Carbine
  • Dealer -> Pimp: $1,000,000 in-game money, Unlocks Grenade Launcher
  • Pimp -> Mobster: $2,000,000 in-game money, Unlocks Combat MG
  • Mobster -> Godfather: $5,000,000 in-game money, Unlocks Minigun, Homing Launcher
Donator ranks
Donator ranks: These are ranks that you have to purchase on the GTM store at store.grandtheftmc.net. You can directly purchase a specific rank, but you can always upgrade your rank. If you, for example, purchase the VIP rank, you can purchase the rank upgrade VIP -> Premium. By purchasing a donator rank, you will get access to a lot of perks, permissions, and unlock a lot of items. The following donator ranks are available to buy on our store:

  • VIP: 10.00 USD
  • Premium: 25.00 USD
  • Elite: 50.00 USD
  • Sponsor: 100.00 USD
  • Supreme: 200.00 USD

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