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How To Obtain A Jetpack
You can get a Jetpack by buying it at the Black Market, by claiming your Sponsor or Supreme kit, or by getting it from Crates and buying it from the Armor Shop for $300,000. You can also trade jetpacks for money, items, etc.

How To Fly A Jetpack
The flying mode can be toggled by double-tapping the spacebar key and can be activated and disabled at any altitude. Holding sprint (Ctrl for most people) allows you to move faster while flying. Make sure you have enough jetpack fuel. Without jetpack fuel, your jetpack will crash and you might fall to your death. You need the rank Mobster+ or Sponsor+ to use the jetpack.

You can spot a jetpacker by their smoke that the jetpack emits.

(A Player Flying A Jetpack)

(Back Of A Jetpack User)

Combat Mechanics Of The Jetpack
While flying a jetpack, you can only use a few weapons:
  • Every melee weapon (Katana, Dildo, Knife, etc) except for the Chainsaw.
  • Micro SMG
  • Every pistol except the Stun Gun
It is recommended to use a katana while flying a jetpack since it deals the most damage out of all melee weapons. Burgers and a Micro SMG are a good pick as well since burgers give the most saturation and replenish the most amount of hunger of all food items, and the Micro SMG deals good chip damage and doesn't require too much aim to use such as a heavy pistol. The best drug to use while flying a jetpack is Bullshark Testosterone.

While flying a Jetpack, you will sometimes get hit or shot by a Stun Gun, this will disable your ability to fly and can leave you almost defenseless. Because of that, it is recommended to be very careful when you approach ground PvPers while flying a jetpack.

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