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Crates are an in-game feature on all GTM servers. Each crate contains various rewards that can be obtained by opening them. You can open crates using Crowbars, That can be obtained by voting at http://grandtheftmc.net/vote/ , by winning events, from achievements or by purchasing them from /voteshop, and the GTM store at https://store.grandtheftmc.net/ for the following prices:

50 Crowbars = $7.50 (USD)
100 Crowbars = $10.00 (USD)
250 Crowbars = $20.00 (USD)
500 Crowbars = $30.00 (USD)
1,000 Crowbars = $50.00 (USD)
2,500 Crowbars = $100.00 (USD)
5,000 Crwobars = $175.00 (USD)

(The Crates on GTM1)

There are 5 different star crates and A wishing well. Higher star crates give you better loot or they give you a better percentage to receive something unique. A wishing well gives cosmetics, coins for the wishing well can be bought with gold at the wishing well. Different crates cost a different amount of crowbars, according to the star of the crate.

Skin crates got reworked into the new Wishing well. the Skin crates gave a random skin for a random weapon. These crates did cost 15 crowbars to open.

1 Star Crate = 1 Crowbars
2 Star Crate = 5 Crowbars
3 Star Crate = 50 Crowbars
4 Star Crate = 250 Crowbars
5 Star Crate = 500 Crowbars

Wishing well:

The wishing well replaced the old skin crate. The wishing well gives you new cosmetics like dead effects, skin packs and much more. For opening the Whising well you need a Wishing coin that can be bought at the Well for gold or by buying in the blackmarket. Buying more coins at the Well, the more discount you get.

  • 1 Coin - 13 Gold (0% discount)
  • 3 Coins - 37 Gold (5% discount)
  • 5 Coins - 59 Gold (10% discount)
  • 9 Coins - 95 Gold (20% discount)
  • 15 Coins - 138 Gold (30% discount)
  • 24 Coins - 189 Gold (40% discount)
  • 32 Coins - 210 Gold (50% discount)

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