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Achievements are new since the last Update and brought many new things that you can do now. You can either make them alone or together with your friends. You can complete achievements to get rewarded with gold, money, tags, crowbars and items. Some achievements will only give money and some will give you those other rewards as well. The achievements are split into two categories the Single-Level Achievements, Multi-Level Achievements and Daily Missions.
Here you will find now a list of all achievements and how they work and how to complete them all with the loot you will get:

Single-Level Achievements:


Currently, there are 14 Single-Level Achievements you can finish.
Single-level achievements only have one task and after you completed that the achievement is done.

  • Stronger Together:
    What would GTM be without friends? You would be really weak, wouldn't you?
    That's why there is an achievement where you need to either join or create a Gang to complete it o_O.
    If you joined a gang, you would now have friends and will be Stronger Together :D and get rewarded. Isn't that amazing :cool:.

  • As a reward you will get $200.

  • Big Dreams:
    Isn't a nice House you can share with your friend a dream that every player has? One day it will come true, and you will be rewarded for it as well! Just buy a Premium house and your dream will be true.
  • It can take a bit time to get the right amount of Gold that is needed but that's why the
    rewards are pretty high. You will get 50 Crowbars!

  • Take to the skies:
    This achievement is simple, just take a Jetpack and fly as high as possible to complete it.
  • You need to be rank mobster or higher in order to use a Jetpack
  • As a reward you will get $10,000 und x1 Jetpack.

  • Sleeping with the fishies:
    Just drown or get killed in the water to finish this achievement. What a harsh way.
  • As a reward you will get $10,000.

  • Witness:
    You actually don't need to do anything you just need to wait till the Owner PresidentX will be online :D.
  • As a reward you will get $20,000.

  • Wanted:
    You need to be a murderer and kill a lot of people in order to get 5 stars. Then you would finish the task if you got 5 Stars. Easy, isn't it?
  • As a reward you will get $50,000 and x1 Flamethrower.
  • Learn something new every day:
    In order to get this achievement, you only have to acknowledge a help tip by simply clicking it in chat.
  • As a reward you will get $5.000.[​IMG]
  • David VS Goliath:
    You can get this achievement by killing a player that is using a Mega Mauler (minigun) without using a Mega Mauler (minigun) yourself, Easy right?
  • As reward you will get a Mega Mauler (Minigun)+ $15,000.
  • Bigger they are, The harder they fall.
    Kill a player that is rank pimp or higher.
  • As reward you will get $200.
  • Untouchable
    In order to get this achievement you need to kill 3 players in a row, without taking damage. Should be easy.
  • As reward you will get $25,000.
    • [​IMG]
  • Bear Grylls
    Your hands are like iron, kill a player with your fist.
  • As reward you will get an Elite Assaulter (Advanced Rifle).

    • [​IMG]
  • Road Kill
    Buy a car, hop into the car and drive someone to his dead.
  • As reward you will get $10,000.
    • [​IMG]
  • Ascendant
  • Unlock a Legendary cosmetic. these can only be obtained from the wishing well at the crates.
  • As reward for unlocking a legendary cosmetic you will get a Golden Mauler (Golden minigun) + $150,000.
    • [​IMG]
  • The daily grind
  • Complete the daily challenge for 42 consecutive days.
  • As a reward for fully completing the quest line you will get 25 Gold + $1,000,000.

Multi-Level Achievements:


Currently there 11 Multi-Level Achievements you can complete.
The different between Single- and Multi-level achievements is that you have multiple levels that you can finish. For every completed Level you will be rewarded.

  • No-Life:
    This achievement is the easiest you can make, just play 75 Days (1.800 Hours) haha easy, right :(?
  • The final level will give you $2.500.000 in game Money and the No-Life Tag.
  • Garbage:
    Aren't you the best? Do you only die? Then this is the best achievement for you! Because you just need to die in order to complete it. Sounds easy right? Well, you just need to die a few thousand times :).
  • The final level will give you, $500.000 ingame Money, 50 crowbars and the Garbage Tag.
  • Landlord:
    You need to buy 11 Non-Premium Houses in order to finish the Landlord achievement.
    On your phone it will say you need to buy 10 Houses but it's actually 11 to finish the task.
  • The last Level will give you, 25 Gold and the Landlord Tag.
  • Scavenger:
    Here you need to open loot crates which are located around the map. In total you need to open a grand total of 20,000 loot crates.
  • The final level will give you $750,000 in-game Money, 50 crowbars and the Scavenger Tag.

  • Hijacker:
    Here you need to open crowbar crates which are located around at spawn. There are many you can choose from. They range from 1 stars to 5 stars.
  • The final level will give you $250,000 in-game Money, and the Hijacker Tag.

  • BugCather:
    You need to Report bugs and glitches in the #bug-reports channel on the Discord
  • The final level will give you $1.000.000 in-game Money, 100 Crowbars, 25 Gold and the BugCather tag.

  • Psychopath
    Be a good player and kill lots of other players. for this achievement you need to kill 12000 other players.
  • The final reward will give you $1,000,000 in-game Money, 50 crowbars and the Psychopath tag.
  • Goat:
    You like the new cosmetics? just buy lots all.
  • The final reward will give you $2,000,000 in-game Money, 50 gold and the GOAT tag.

  • Deadshot
    Finish a player with a clean Headshot.
  • The final reward will give you $1,000,000 in-game money and the Deadshot tag.


  • Classic
    Kill players with 1 of the best weapons: the pistol.
  • The final reward will give you $1,000,000 and the Classic tag.

  • Felon
    Kill those nasty cops before they kill you. Cops will spawn on you when you have wanted levels.
  • The final reward will give you $100,000 in-game money, 10 Gold and the Felon tag.

Daily Missions:


There are 42 Daily Missions of which you can complete one per day.

  • Now how do I start?:
To start the missions, you must first pay the enrollment costs of $250.000.00

Now you can directly start with the first mission:

So how do i claim my rewards if i complete a Mission?

  • To do this simply click the Obsidian Block which sais: "Claim Mission Rewards" on the right side of the GUI

What if I run out of time?
  • Dont worry you can Buy More Time! Simply left click the Emerald in the Middle of the GUI to buy +5 Hours for 5 Gold or Shift-Left Click to Buy +24 Hours for 15 Gold
The first, three Daily Misions are always easy but we dont want to make it to esay for you so there are 4 Different Difficulties:

Easy Missions:

Easy missions are missions that shouldn't take too long, there are a total of 17 Easy missions and as the name says, are easy to complete, but you will only get "normal" rewards for completing them.


    • 5 Crowbars; 10 Crowbars; 15 Crowbars
    • [​IMG]

Medium Missions:
There are a total of 18 Medium Missions. Medium missions are a bit harder than easy missions, for example you need to reach 3-star wanted level or kill 13 players with baseball cap, titanium vest, pants and nikes to complete this mission, in return you will get good but not awesome rewards for doing so.


    • 50 Crowbars; 25 Crowbars; 10 Crowbars
    • [​IMG]

Hard Missions:
Hard Missions is for advanced players, there is a total of Five Hard Missions and is as the name says difficult , e.g. as a mission you have to kill 11 players with just a pimp crown or kill 9 players with a baseball cap and shirt but will receive really good rewards if you complete one of the missions.

  • 50 Crowbars; 100 Crowbars; 250 Crowbars
  • [​IMG]
Insane Mission:
The Insane mission is really difficult even if there is only one of them e.g. "Reach a wanted level of 4 wanted stars!" many fail but If you pass this mission, INSANE rewards will be waiting for you


  • 500 Crowbars; 750 Crowbars; 1000 Crowbars;
In the future, there could come more Achievements, tasks or even Missions.
But currently, there are only the achievements that are listed above.

Be patient, because in the future there will come more ;) but when isn't sure yet :).

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