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Quality Assurance Team FAQ

Discussion in 'QA Team Applications' started by Information, Jan 27, 2020.

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    Grand Theft Minecart


    Quality Assurance

    Welcome to the Quality Assurance FAQ page. Here you can find the most commonly asked questions and if that does not resolve your query, do not hesitate to contact the QA Lead or any Senior Member of staff. If you are looking for the format for the application, you can view it here: https://grandtheftmc.net/threads/qa-team-application-format.8109/.

    What is the purpose of the QA Team?
    The QA Team’s sole purpose is the development of GrandTheftMinecart. Members may work to fix or provide suggestions for any future updates before they are introduced to the live server.

    What is required of a QA Member?
    Within the QA Team, confidentially is detrimental to its functionality; it ensures that the GTM player base is not aware of any upcoming features in order to maintain secrecy.

    Will my actions on GTM affect my chances of getting accepted?
    Yes, your history and attitudes as a player are important to us when determining if you’re right for the job. Moreover, you are expected to follow the rules to a high-degree when in the QA as you are a representative of the GTM Team.

    Why should I join the QA Team?
    Although you do not receive any in-game rewards, you get given a special discord tag and access to the QA Chat on discord, along with all of the confidential information regarding upcoming updates. You get a say in how GTM evolves going forward allowing you to make valuable contributions to your favorite server :).

    Is there anything I can do to increase my chances?
    Applicants are received a lot better if they are seen to follow the rules of the server and help by reporting bugs or glitches common throughout the server.
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