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QA Team Application Format

Discussion in 'QA Team Applications' started by Information, Sep 22, 2018.

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    Sep 16, 2017
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    Quality Assurance (QA) Team Application Format
    1) General Information
    • Username:
    • Previous Username(s):
    • Date of Birth:
    • Time Zone:
    • Discord (Required):
    • Playtime on the GTM Network:
    • Rank In Game:

    1a: Why do you want to be a part of the QA team (150+ words):

    2) Have you ever been banned on GTM? If so, why?

    3) Have you had any experience being a QA tester or developer in the past?

    4) Are you good at arguing?

    5) What type of combat do you think you are very educated in (Ground or Air PvP)?

    6) What is your definition of the word "balanced"?

    7) What does it mean for something to be balanced for newer, poorer players and older, richer players?

    8) Are you willing to be 100% unbiased and only make decisions for the greater good of the server?

    9) Are you willing to follow all rules pertaining to QA?

    10) Say you find a glitch that you feel you can abuse, are you willing to report it, and see that it gets fixed?

    11) Are you willing to stay on topic during QA sessions and in QA chat?

    12) Are you willing to only go onto the dev server when necessary, and not leak anything done on there to the public?

    13) Are you willing to stay out of trouble on GTM?

    14) Will your opinions always be YOUR own opinions (in other words, do you agree to not just "go with the flow" and state your own true opinions)?

    15) Do you understand that you will have 0 authority on the GTM network and that your QA status will not get you out of punishments, nor give you special treatment?


    • a.) Will you keep EVERYTHING involving QA, The dev server, QA chat, etc. completely confidential? THE GOLDEN RULE
    • b.) Are you willing to accept any punishment that comes with the golden rule?


    • A) One of your friends is on the QA team, but one day, you join a public voice chat and hear him talk about what happened in QA the night before. What do you do?
    • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • B) SkylixMC, the head developer brings up a bad idea in your eyes, everyone agrees with it except you, what do you do?
    • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • C) You see a fellow QA member abusing a glitch that was apparently looked over during the last QA session. What do you do?
    • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • D) Your best friend really wants to know what will be in the next update. What do you tell him?
    • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • E) You and another QA member are debating a potential way to fix a problem, he brings up a really good point. What do you do?

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