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Hackers are people who are using illegal modifications to gain an unfair advantage over any player. Hacking is not allowed, and hackers will be punished. If you see someone using hacks, please report them using any of the following methods:

  • When you see a hacker in-game, type /report [name] Reason/Which modification he/she is using. Also, make sure that you DO NOT hackusate players in chat and to only /report players 1 time (/reports are global).


  • Record the hacker while they are hacking and send it in the discord channel #reports. (Use /discord to get the discord link) Make sure to use the correct format, which is:
    • Violators name:
    • Offense:
    • Server(s):
    • Evidence: (Youtube link)
    • Timestamp(s):
    • Additional comments:
  • Record the hacker while he is hacking and create a player report ticket with the video of him using hacked modifications. [Player Reports]

  • If you use any modification on GTM, please check the following link to be sure it is safe to use and isn’t against the rules. There are certain Allowed Modifications and other Blacklisted Modifications which are not included on the list, so be sure to check with a staff member before using a modification which might not be allowed: [Allowed Modifications]
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Getting closer and closer to finishing a complete weapon rebalance for GTM. I'm taking my time to ensure an optimal gameplay experience. Jul 18, 2018

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