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Approved and Unapproved Modifications

Discussion in 'Rules and Community Guidelines' started by Information, Sep 12, 2017.

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  1. Information

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    Sep 16, 2017
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    In this thread I will put all mods that are allowed. If you're not sure if a mod is allowed, reply here!

    A few basic rules about mods

    • No modifications that give you an advantage above other players, eg speed, bettersprint, fly hacks, wall climb, step, dolphin, /feed macros.
    • No modifications that let you see things you cannot see in vanilla minecraft eg X-Ray, Wallhack,....
    • If you think that a mod isn't allowed, but you're not sure, don't just use it! Ask first.

    Allowed mods:
    -McCapes mod
    -A mod that shows durability or potion effects when your inventory is closed.
    -Auto tool mods
    -MacroMod (Do not spam with it, or we will remove it from here! Additionally, note /feed macros are not allowed!)
    -The 5zig Mod
    -Replay Mod
    -Custom Crosshair Mod
    -Minecraft Forge
    -Any type of shaders

    Want to request one added here? Feel free to private message one of our senior staff members (Admin or higher), to possibly get it added!
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