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Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart! GTA in minecraft! GUNS + HOUSES + CARS + POLICE + MORE!

Heya everyone! We have a very quick announcement for you all today, we are here to announce the winners of the build competition we held! I don't want to bore you with random filler sentences, so I'll get straight to the point.

It was a FANTASTIC event and we had some absolutely incredible submissions. I want to personally thank everyone that participated as we had an amazing time looking through the builds everyone made. Here are the winners, please congratulate:

1st place goes to Vqic
2nd place goes to iWulf
3rd place goes to PuppyRyan

Congrats peeps!

Hello everyone!

Easter is right around the corner and we have prepared a lovely event for everyone to participate in. This thread will lay out everything you need to know about the event!

A 30% off of everything in our server store has been issued! Be sure to pick up your ranks, gear, and other premium items while the sale lasts!

Across all 6 GTM servers there are colorful Easter Eggs that are waiting to be found! There are 20 secret locations on each server, some are obvious and some are very hidden. All of the eggs are located in the live PVP world and are in a unique location for their server. The event will come to a conclusion on April 8th and the custom rewards will no longer become achievable.

Here is an image of an Easter Egg that you might find in the wilderness:

For each time you find an Easter Egg, you will receive 2 crowbars that can be used globally. If you find all 20 Easter Eggs in a single server, your name will be announced in chat and you will get a special tag in chat to flex.

Let us know what you think of this event in the reply section down below, we'd love to hear your feedback! If you have any suggestions for future events, I'd love to hear them!
Hello everyone!

We've got one heck of an update for you guys! We have some exciting things that have recently been going on and many more to come in the near future! This update came along with many bugfixes and extra balancing to certain features.

Our builders have been hard at work and we were able to roll out a brand new custom spawn for you guys! It still has the same features you know and love, just prettier layout! Along with the new spawn, we implemented some more interactive NPCs for ease of access and a more lively environment


- Increased Minigun damage, and accuracy
- Grenade Launcher damage reduced
- Cops can now no longer use wingsuits

- Fixed issue with sometimes players not getting double voting rewards
- Bugfixes to allowing Katana to decapitate players who cannot enter PvP
- Fixed display issue on Head auctions
- Fixed display issue on Vehicle menus
- Optimised cooldowns

Over on our twitter we hosted a giveaway where we handed out $15 store credit and a few crowbars to 3 lucky people! If you aren't already following our twitter our handle is @GrandTheft_MC

1) @SkylixMC
2) @JudeSeife
3) @KratosEnel
All 3 of you have been PM'd on twitter in regards to receiving your rewards! Be sure to check your PM's :)

That's all for now, stay tuned!

Hello everyone!

We had an update come out over last weekend, and have since been refining it (latest refinement came out last night). Your feedback is super important in this one, and you'll see why by reading below. Please throw your thoughts in the comments!

Every gun now has a new entry in the lore - Kills. Note that this will only appear for guns that are gained after this update went out. By killing players with that gun, the counter increases!


For now, this is a cool feature to show off to everyone else on the server, but we have plans for the future...


  • Grenades now deal more damage, and over a wider area
  • Proximity Mines now deal more damage, and over a wider area
  • Sticky Bombs now deal more damage, and over a wider area
  • Advanced Rifle now deals more damage, and is more accurate
  • Assault Rifle now deals more damage, and is less accurate
  • Bullpup Rifle now deals more damage, and is less accurate
  • Carbine Rifle now deals more damage, and is less accurate
  • Special Carbine deals more damage, and is less accurate
  • Grenade Launcher now deals more damage, and over a wider area
  • Homing Launcher now deals more damage, but has slower rockets
  • Net...
Hello everyone!

You might be asking yourself, who is this guy? Well I am Mistagojo, GTM’s newest community manager. We have some thrilling things coming up, and I’m excited to share some of our future plans with you.


We will be hosting our first event on Vice S2 this weekend. One of the most important aspects of Vice is raiding, so we took it upon ourselves to prepare a raid event for all of you to compete head to head in! The event will be on Saturday, March 10th at 1:00pm EST / 7:00pm CET.

When the event begins, we will place a claimed base in a neutral location in the wilderness. Although the base is in a neutral location in the wilderness, you will need to prepare for PvP as other people may try and kill you and take the reward for themself! The base will be well defended and it will be up to you and your friends to break in and steal the fabulous loot inside.

I know that all you can think about is the fabulous loot inside, right? The base will be packed full of money, crowbars, weapons, armor, and some other secret loot *wink*

I look forward to seeing you at the event!


As many of you have already noticed, I has stepped into a management position here at GTM. Essentially, I’ll be handling and organizing a multitude of things revolving around the community. There are so many exciting events and giveaways planned for GTM so stay on the lookout for future announcements!

The raid event on Vice is just the beginning of what we have planned in terms of events. We have some small informal events in the works, and we also have some larger immersive events planned for special occasions. Anytime an event takes place, we will provide notice on the forums, social media, discord, and in-game prior to event. Make sure you are active in all of those locations so you don’t miss any fun events!

You will also see a huge spike in activity from...