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Donor Deals

What is a Donor Deal?
Donor Deals
are deals that are made to buy someone else something from the store in exchange for GTM currency. When doing donation deals (trading in-game items for donations) follow these rules to assure you aren't scammed. You can find the rules under the following link: https://grandtheftmc.net/threads/donation-deal-rules.7/

Not following those rules while doing a donor deal can result in an item not being refunded, or the ‘’scammer’’ not being banned. So make sure you read them carefully!

Donor Deal Rules
  • A thread MUST be made on the forum for donor deals, or the server will not assist if something goes wrong.
  • The one who will be donating needs to either buy a gift card and send it to the player who is giving in-game items OR use the "gift" option on the checkout menu.
  • The donor needs to give the Transaction ID of the payment to the one who's giving in-game items so that if there is ever a mix-up, we can verify the payment
  • Both parties MUST confirm that they agree to the transaction ON THE FORUM THREAD.
  • If you are scammed, you need to provide proof of you sending the items to the player. (Video/Picture)
  • If the deal is not over the forums, the player will still be banned but you will not receive the items you sent to him.
  • If a deal is done with an unranked player, the player will be banned but you will not be refunded. This only applies if the player who is requesting the store package is the non-ranked player.
Note: This does not mean you must follow these rules but if you don't follow these rules and are scammed, we cannot help.

Donor Deals are created as forums post under Trading and then Purchases on the Forums.

What if I am Scammed?
If you are scammed, you would need to make a "Player Report" or "Other Support" ticket on the forums. You will need adequate proof to have the player punished, along with having a forums post and following every rule mentioned above.


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