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Why Become a Builder?

Discussion in 'Build Team Applications' started by Information, Nov 17, 2018.

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    Why Should I Apply For Builder?
    An insight into the GTM build-team

    The GTM Build Team, much like the staff team are members of the GTM staff. The build team offers a fun and enjoyable working environment, for every builder on the team, as well as acknowledgment and commendation of the talents possessed by each individual. GTM aims to promote creativity and nurture such a robust environment where our builders cannot only display their talents by building for the server, but also banter, and talk to fellow members. GTM encourages all builders in our community to apply for the build team, and join in on the action!

    How Does It Work?

    Unlike the staff team, the build team spends a higher portion of their time on the creative server, where only a handful of players hang out. Due to the lower creative player base, a significantly high percentage of the community has little to no knowledge of the build team and its inner workings. This post intends to shed light on the build team and those inner workings.

    Similar to how the staff ranks are set up with Helper > Moderator > Sr Moderator > Admin > Manager, the build team also follows a similar structure. There are a total of 5 ranks in the GTM build team ranking system much like the 5 ranks in the GTM staff team. These ranks are:

    Trainee: Trainee is the lowest rank in the build team. All build team applications are applying for this rank. Within the build team, Trainee is often referred to as a “trial rank” or the second part of your build team application. In this “second part of the application,” a trainee is expected to prove his worth in practice. Trainees are given basic world edit permissions in order to do a functional job in building exercises.

    Novice: As a Novice, one is officially recognized as a build team member. At this rank, the builder is given the “Build-Team” rank, a rank equivalent to Supreme rank across all servers. Novice has more permissions on creative, and access to further tools which can be used in order to help them build. Novice are also expected to guide the newer builders and Trainees.

    Artist: Artists are trusted members build team members. Artists are expected to show leadership and act as role models to their underlings. Artists will train both Trainees and Novice to be better builders. Artists have almost all building tools supported by GTM such as world edit and voxelsniper at their disposal in order to build.

    Creator: As a Creator, one is highly trusted, and a high ranking official in the build team. Creators are part of the build team management team and have say in decisions related to the build team including promotions and demotions. Creators have all building tools such as world edit and voxelsniper on creative. Some creators have the Builder rank allowing them to edit the live map on GTM. The Builder rank is selectively given to hardworking creators by the GTM Managers.

    Head Builder: Head builders are the highest ranking members of the build team, who are selectively hand picked by the GTM Managers. Head builders are responsible for planning projects and leading the build team. It is the job of the builders to execute the instructions of the head builders. The head builders are ultimately the ones responsible for all hiring, firing, promotions, and demotions in the build team.

    Builder of the Month

    It is important to reward individual achievements, productivity, and excellence. By this philosophy, GTM regularly announces the Builder of the Month; Builder of the Month also referred to as, BOTM, is an honor awarded to a single builder each month who has displayed high-level of maturity, dedication, and grit. The builder of the month is not about being the best builder and being the most skilled. BOTM is about improvement and effort!

    The senior team awards the BOTM winner each month with 1000 tokens, along with 100 crowbars. BOTM announcements are made monthly both here on the forums, on our discord, and on our twitter page at @grandtheft_mc.

    Is The Build Team For Me?

    The build team offers a fun working environment for its builders along with many other benefits including:
    • Access to all Supreme perks with the Build-Team rank
    • Appreciation for its efforts
    • Other benefits for the Builder of The Month
    • And much more!
    Where in order to thank our builders and encourage them to do better, we do offer a multitude of benefits, we strongly urge you to not apply for the build team merely to reap these benefits. The thing that truly makes the build team worth it is our team members and our shared passion for building! The build team is only for you if you truly share this passion.

    There are several qualities we look for in our builders. Sure, we want our builders to be good at building, and create works which we can proudly present to the general audience of GTM. But skills isn’t all that we look for in our builders. The build team is for you if you show:
    • A strong passion for building
    • A desire to succeed
    • Honesty & Loyalty
    • Grit & Perseverance
    • Communication & Team Working Skills
    • A friendly attitude
    • And most importantly; the willingness to improve!
    If you truly follow and strive towards these ideas, then yes, the build team is for you. Following the format, apply to join us, and we will welcome you with a warm heart! Good luck!

    Applying to the Build Team

    In order to apply for the build team, you must submit an application following the format provided in the thread called, “Build Team Application Format”. Please make sure to read and answer all question carefully and with as much detail as possible. Remember to include at least 3 building assets to show what you have to bring to the table! Please use proper grammar and spellings to the best of your ability. Incorrect grammar and misspelled words show laziness. And we don’t tolerate laziness!

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