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vehicle rework system

Discussion in 'Bugs and Suggestions' started by NielsMun, Dec 15, 2021.

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    Jul 25, 2020
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    if anything isnt clean just tell me and i will explain.

    vehicle rework system:
    -new spawn system
    -new vehicle bank
    -no repairs
    -a vehicle spawn cost increasing

    i will explain it in some words, vehicles dont need a repair anymore, the spawn costs will be the old repair cost. so if you want to spawn a hydra it will cost you 60k. this money will go of from your vehicle bank, this is a new bank system for vehicles only, you need money on this bank to spawn a vehicle, you can add money on this bank at the vehicle NPC.

    -new bank system the new banksystem needs to have a cap of 1 mil that can't be increased, you can set money on the vehicle bank via the vehicle NPC. you need money on your vehicle bank to let you spawn the vehicle. if you dont have enough it will say: ''you dont have enough money on your vehicle bank, go to the vehicle NPC to add money on the vehicle bank to let you spawn a vehicle''

    -new vehicle spawn cost with no repairs no repairs needed, if you want to spawn the vehicle it would have the cost of the old repair costs. Lets say the hydra, it cost 60k to repair, but with this new system the vehicle cost 60k to spawn. if the vehicle gets destroyed you can spawn it again for the same cost: 60k. this money will go of from your vehicle bank, if you don't have enough money on this bank you aren't be able to spawn the vehicle as i mentiond above.

    -new spawn system a vehicle can only spawn a X amount of time (all ranks the same). let's say a vehicle can only spawn 5 times a hour. if you used 1 of the spawns it will go down to 4/5 and after the hour it will be 5/5, so it won't go above the max. this will decrease the use of a lot of vehicles since you can only use it an X amount of times a hour and makes the game more fun then destroying the same kids heli for the 20th time in 5 min and getting backstabbed again. the only thing i haven't talked about is calling back your vehicle, this would be a hard thing to do since vehicle only spawn with full hp, have another spawn price and can only spawn sometimes a hour. i think a vehicle shouldn't be able to be called back as a higher risk of dropping out of your vehicle.

    if any1 has some more suggestions about this/tips or rework dm so i can rework it if this is a suggestion that would be accepted

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