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Translation of the language of the players

Discussion in 'Global Discussion' started by LuckyGx, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. LuckyGx

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    Jun 29, 2019
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    I've been playing now a long time on the server. And I have noticed, that many people unfriendly and just bullying to other people and getting fast angry.

    And... I think the community created a language. I translated the words of the language in English. Here is it

    (The biggest insult in GTM) "Unteam" = --> Why you Unteamed me ? | I hate you, dude | You're done

    "Let's temp team" = --> I'm going to kill you after we killed the people.

    "'Let's Re-Team" = --> I'm sorry, that i was an asshole. Let's be a team again.

    "Sorry, Gang" = --> I just want only the stuff.

    "You're gay"= --> I don't like you

    "You're actually gay" = --> I hate you

    "You're so trash" = --> Dude, you to good.

    "You're a noob" = -->You better than me.

    "cleaner" = --> I didn't see you.

    "sad" = --> I'm actually angry

    "1vs3" = --> You can't play alone | You're like 3 people

    "Hacker" = --> How you got me, dude?!?!

    "laags" = --> You're to fast. | I'm to bad.

    There's some words, what players on the server always speaking. Now you can know, what they talking. :)

    I made it for fun. So, don't feel adressed. The thread should make people happy, and not angry. So, take it as fun.

    best regards,

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