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The Future of GTM

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Presidentx, Nov 1, 2022.

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    Sep 12, 2017
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    Dear GTM Supporters,

    For the past 10 years, I've been able to run GTM as I see fit, trying to keep the balance between a level playing field for all players and being able to sustain the server financially through pay2win ranks and items. Unfortunately, that era has come to an end, and as a community, we have to find a way to keep GTM going under the long dreaded Minecraft EULA. Rest assured, I will not let my baby die, and the senior team and I have a plan to keep it going for a long time.

    To achieve this, we will be rolling out major changes to Ranks, which are currently removed from the webstore, together with Crowbars. We have removed the Casino and the Lottery and any other references to gambling or other adult content. And to compensate for removing this much content, we will be working on new features and ingame events very soon.

    Key changes to Ranks
    Our first priority is to be able to add back Ranks to the webstore under the new EULA compliant ranks. As part of this update, all pay2win perks will be removed from these ranks. We strive to keep as many as possible of these perks available to players who have purchased 'legacy' ranks up until now. We will do one of three things for each perk:
    • Make the perk unlockable through our ingame rank progression system (e.g. Godfather rank) and upgrade every player with a legacy rank to the ingame rank required to keep these perks.
      • /tpahere, unlock of job modes, job switch times
    • Turn the perk into a cheatcode and give every player with a legacy webstore perk the cheatcode required to keep this perk (cheatcodes will have levels to differentiate between e.g. the amount of backpack rows or the delay between /fix)
      • Backpack rows, warp times, house slots, gang members, /feed, /fix
    • Remove the perk from the game completely.
      • /fix all. Legacy SUPREME holders will get a certain amount of Fix Boosters per month as compensation for removing this perk. We believe this is the best option to keep our ingame economy healthy as excessive fixing of items kills an effective economy sink.
      • Kits. They represent a massive influx of items into the economy and removing them levels the playing field legacy ranks, new ranks and non ranks.
      • Monthly Crowbar Rewards. We are no longer able to provide crowbars as a reward as they are a pay2win per
      • Casino Sell Bonus. The Casino is removed, so this perk is too.
      • GPS accuracy buff. We believe this to be a negligible perk.
    Ranks will be added back to the webstore at reduced prices once these changes are complete.

    To compensate for the value loss of these ranks, we plan to add the following perks at some point in the near future:
    • Rank exclusive cosmetics
    • Rank exclusive ingame events
    • Ability to ask chat questions at monthly community meetings (with Presidentx & senior team) in the order of their rank (e.g. SUPREME first). SUPREME players will also be able to ask a question over microphone.
    • Duels (likely added to ELITE+)
    • Ability to sort and name houses in the house menu (likely added to SPONSOR+)
    • /fly at spawn (likely added to SUPREME)
    Additionally, all Legacy ranked players will receive a certain amount of Crowbars one-off. (To be announced soon)

    Supply Drops
    To keep GTM financially sustainable, we are adding new packages to the webstore. A first will be Supply Drops. These will fall from the sky and contain valuables, and will be the only way to obtain Cheatcodes going forward. However, to make this item EULA compliant, all online players will be sent the location of the supply drop when it is activated. This means everyone has a chance to get the rewards.

    There will be three tiers of Supply Drops:

    • Tier 1. Contains mostly money, high-end weapons and armor (and some tier 2 and 3 items)
    • Tier 2. Contains mostly crowbars (and some tier 1 and 3 items)
    • Tier 3. Contains mostly cheatcodes (and some tier 1 and 2 items)
    Supply Drops will be purchaseable from the webstore or ingame with Gold. Webstore ranks will also receive a certain amount of Tier 1 and Tier 2 supply drops as a monthly reward. Cheatcodes obtained from Supply Drops will be physical items, so they can be traded with other players or sold on the black market.

    The second new category of packages is Boosters, which affect all online players equally, therefore being EULA compliant. There will be four types of boosters:
    • Sell Boosters, which increase the sell prices in Trash Cans
    • Vote Boosters, which increase voting rewards
    • Loot Boosters, which increase the amount of loot from Loot Crates
    • Fix Boosters, which instantly fixes all items in every online player's inventory

    When activated, a message is broadcasted to all online players that allows them to tip the activator for their generosity in money, gold or crowbars.

    Supply Drops will be purchaseable from the webstore or ingame with Gold. SUPREME players get a certain amount of Fix Boosters as a monthly reward.

    While many of these changes might be disappointing, I believe that the senior team and I have found a balance between different interests:
    • Mojang, who wants to enforce its guidelines
    • Legacy ranked players, who want to keep their perks
    • Non-ranked or future ranked players, who want to be able to compete with legacy ranked players
    • GTM, which wants to stay financially sustainable so it can stay online forever

    Ultimately, it depends on you, our supporters, to keep supporting GTM through purchases on our webstore. We are blessed that so many of you are still purchasing Gold while ranks and crowbars are not available right now, this shows us that GTM has a bright future ahead!

    Thanks for reading,

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    ty for letting us know about this info
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    your mom's house