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RPS bug

Discussion in 'Bugs and Suggestions' started by Raphi_YT, Apr 9, 2022.

  1. Raphi_YT

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    Feb 9, 2022
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    1. I had 11mil wanted to play with the /rps command with someone around 2mil. At first I did not quite understand how it works. But then we got it right then he won and I had only 8mil on the account means I was deducted 4mil. I did it before but he refused. Maybe that's the reason. Then we made with 7mil. And I had not exactly 7mil but a bit more and me but everything was deducted that I was on 0

      So I lost 9mil on Rps (on a player because I lose) and 2mil and some 100k I think 300k but Idk I lost with /rps command.