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Patch 6.6.6 - The Spooky Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by GloryX, Oct 16, 2020.

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    Heya everyone. We've finally reached the spooky domain and have a lot to say in this announcement. So let's get to it!


    To begin, we just launched the GTM Halloween event on the server! This event will run during the night cycle of the server only. During this event, skeletons will spawn around the map equipped with basic armor and a baseball bat. These skeletons will then target players.

    You may
    kill these skeletons to obtain Roofied Chocolate. Roofied Chocolate can either be consumed for a random potion effect or sold in the trashcan for more (only during this event!).

    These skeletons also have
    a rare chance of dropping a Candy bag. Players can use this candy bag to go trick-o-treating! Simply right-click the door of a premium house while the event is active for a sweet reward (more Roofied Chocolate!) or an unfriendly yell...

    Trick or treating
    costs $10,000 per each use. This $10,000 is then put inside a lottery pot. On rare occasions, a player has a small chance to win 50% of the entire trick-or-treat pot and enrich their wealth with treasures!

    Still confused? No problem! Skylix made y'all a video explaining it all in a
    British accent that sounds so real that it's even better than @iExpo's accent..! Trust me, I'm an expert on British people.


    We are happy to announce a there will be a Halloween Sale that will be activated later on for all major store packages! Go get that rank upgrade you've wanted or those crowbars for some smexy rewards!

    We have also added
    Halloween event packages to the GTM store. These packages contain a bundle of goodies like permits, money, crowbars, roofied chocolate (good shit), candy bags and more! Go check them out at https://store.grandtheftmc.net/spook2019!



    There is now a Halloween Spawn to enshadow the spirits of Halloween for our players, as well as an Industrial Area spooky update :O Lots of players have been asking for the Old Industrial Area to be put in so I thought I should oblige. In this area, the Old Indust has been refurbished for the duration of Spooky Season and has special event-specific actions you can take. Run around the area and see if you can find them all! This Industrial Area will only last for the duration of the Halloween Event.



    -> Fixed a visual bug where a player's wanted levels did not update after they died.

    -> Fixed a bypass for admin event borders where players could bypass the /feed block inside the event borders.

    -> Fixed a bug with GTM's Anti-VPN System

    -> /gmsg now shows the targets rank color

    -> Generally improved the stability of /gmsg

    -> Improved GTM's Anti-VPN System


    As always, thank you everyone for your support! Make sure to let us know what you guys think in the comments below <3 You can also use our Discord at: https://discord.gg/vEmxzrm to get in touch with us!​