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My Experience As a New Player

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Minecart' started by Anonymous, Oct 21, 2021.

  1. Anonymous

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    Oct 21, 2021
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    Hi, My name is ------, I would like to share my experience as a new player.

    I first want to say that I played this server years ago so I am not totally new, that being said it's been 2 years and I started on a fresh account. The only thing I have purchased on the store for this account is 100 bones.

    This took place on GTM New Mineport!

    On my journey to level 100 I managed to:
    Buy 2 houses (Costing 700K each)
    Buy the BMX and Armored Karuma
    Get 4 wingsuits from chests
    Get 3 "chanclas" from chests
    Upgrade my bank capacity to 20 Million
    Save 10.6 Million in cash (1.9 Million is from purchasing 100 bones and using the crows)

    I have some interesting stats...

    Over the course of my journey I...
    Opened 4355 chests (This was all during triple xp)
    Played for 20 hours
    Killed 22 players
    Died 74 times (.297 K/D)
    Opened 51 miniguns from chests (1.17% chance)
    Opened 29 Net launchers from chests (0.66% chance)
    Opened 3 "Chanclas" from chests (0.07% chance)
    Opened 4 Wingsuits from chests (0.09% chance)
    Opened 8 "Kwon's booty shorts" from chests (0.18% chance)
    Opened 3 "Air Jordans" from chests (0.07% chance)
    Opened 13 Flamethrowers from chests (0.3% chance)
    I don't remember getting a single rpg from a chest though I might just not remember.

    I opened chests at a rate of 3.63 per minute meaning I opened 1 chest every 16.53 seconds for 20 hours straight.

    I ended the journey with...
    29 Nets
    51 Miniguns
    37 Special Carbines
    45 Gusenberg Sweeper
    25 Advanced Rifles ( I sold most of them)
    53 Titanium Helmets
    43 Titanium Vests
    35 Kevlar Vests
    And 11 stacks of sticky bombs (Don't ask why)
    Stored in my houses.

    If we subtract the 1.9 million I got from buying bones off the store I would have ended up with 8.7 Million Dollars. 8.7 Million divided by 4355 gives us an average value of about 2K per chest. These numbers will be accurate for the most part however if anything they are low as I have a bunch of guns stored in houses (It also does not account for the miniguns, wings or other rare items that can be found in chests (Though these should be considered outliers as it would be highly unreasonable to expect to find one in any given chest)).

    I am also at a net loss for money and gear from pvp.

    Overall I think the one thing missing from my experience so far is pvp, as a low level player it is near impossible to find a fair fight as there are very few other new players. Even if you can find a fight, chances are that the other player will outmatch you in both gear and skill. I'm sure it would look much different on minesantos, but this is definately the case for new mineport.

    As for a possible solution, I have nothing at this time. But I will certainly think about it.

    Please forgive any typo's, also... Some of my accounting might be off but i'm too lazy to go back and recount (It is mostly accurate and would only be off by a few items or so)

    I'd be happy to answer any questions!
  2. Cyborg_

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    Aug 10, 2020
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    Thank you for your honest feedback on GTM! I was quite impressed by level of detail in this post and the time you took to make it!