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Med-Kits, Doctor Dave, Life Steal and more

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyborg_, Aug 7, 2022.

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    Aug 10, 2020
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    On the streets on Minesantos for far too long Dave the Dealer has been rampant and un-checked, that was until a few months ago when our cops hard at work caught Dave the Dealer and pressed charges against Dave.

    The court battled that ensued was nothing less than complete Chaos, with what we believe was a corrupt Jury, including characters like Free Tony, and Mechanic Gary completely showing bias. In the light of the court incident Dave became a Doctor (Doctor Dave), and opened up a few new hospitals.

    Doctor Dave can be found at the Warps Hospital-H1, and Hospital-H2, Dave will spawn in and sell Med-Kits or will take your drugs for a solid price, but hurry dave only takes a limited amount of drugs! Dave will also only spawn every hour, after that hour is complete Dave will be gone until he spawns again!

    Tank-Kit is the very first Med-Kit (Effect-Kit) to be released! We focused hard on balancing the Tank-Kit's to ensure that the kit is not too OP. The Tank-Kit will grant you Resistance 3, Speed 3 and Absorption 3! The catch to this kit is the fact that you are unable to shoot or ride and sort of vehicle well the kit is enabled (This includes Jetpacks and Wings). The best use of the Tank-Kit will be to escape a stick situation on ground where you may be out numbered and quickly speed away!

    Life Steal is a new mechanic that allows you to regenerate health upon killing another player! The regeneration will grant you exactly 3 hearts over a period of 2 seconds after killing another player! This new mechanic allows you to stay in the action longer after getting that first kill!



    Kill Cop NPC's or Players with the Job Mode Cop to complete this achievement! The final level unlocks the Felon Tag and 10 Gold, as well as the Wanted Tag at Level 3!



    Thanks to the magic of data collection, we can tell what the most popular warps are over the last 4 days, displaying them all in the warp menu! The only way a warp will count towards a popular warp is if the warp was purposely warped to, and not randomly!


    Note: All Popular Warps will be enchanted with the above text


    • Chat is now Bolded again!
    • Railed Gun re-worked, Warp-Up removed, Scope added, Reload time increased.
    • Spiced up death messages!
    • Fixed a bug that caused rockets to blow up when hitting spectators.
    • Fixed a bug that caused spectators to get netted, this bug was most likely responsible for the bug allowing you to net yourself.
    • Fixed a bug when using the Black Market Cheatcode.
    • Fixed a bug with cops allowing players to get killed well having Teleport Protection.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed cops to spawn in water.
    • Fixed a bug that caused 2 and 3 star Throwable's to spawn in, causing them to not stack.
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