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i cant vote anymore

Discussion in 'Bugs and Suggestions' started by Alexsorby, May 19, 2022.

  1. Alexsorby

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    Oct 9, 2020
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    idk if its here i make on of these

    so yesterday (when i write this) the server ware down. and i voted during that time and when the server got back online i didnt get my votes. uselly 1 out of the 5 sites dont give me and vote and thats common. but when all 5 sites didnt give me a singel crowbar and votetoken i thougt it was wierd and asked skylix what the problem was cus ig he laso thougt it was wierd that none of the 5 sites gave me nothing. idk how he checked, maybe in the logs or something. but he gave me the 5 missing votes. and today when i votes again the same happend. i got nothing again. idk if more poeple have the same problem.

    i tried vote again, didnt work. it said i already voted today (the time i voted and it didnt count) and say i have to wait til tmr. and im about to come 2nd in vote war, wich will be the best i ever come in a votewar before. but now when this happens it kinda ruins it for me.

    would love if one of u devs could check if smt went wrong today when i voted and if u guys find smt, let me know on discord or smt, or reply to this ticket.
    and maybe give me the 5 votes missing just like skylix did yesterday when it didnt register or what ever the problem was.

    Alexsorby#8484 is my discord btw, yk if i come to the right place and wrote this. im abit lose where i make one of these bug reports.
    but as i said, one of the five sites uselly dont count, if ur unlucky. but it never happend before when all the five sites dint give me nothing. and when ever that one site dont give me anything i dont mind. but all five seems more seriusly or how it spells

    ign iLookUnderSkirt