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Helper Application Format

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by Information, Sep 22, 2017.

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    Sep 16, 2017
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    Helper Application Format

    You must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for staff:
    * Must have a minimum of 7-days 12-hours (7.5d-days) of NON-AFK playtime across the network. You may use /stats to check your playtime for only the server you are on.
    * Must have joined GTM at least 2 months prior to making a helper application.

    * Must have an active and regular playtime for at least 1 month prior to applying (e.g. you used to play this server a year ago and came back yesterday, you are not eligible).
    * May not be banned or muted at the time the application is made for obvious reasons.
    * GTM does not have an official age requirement, however, applicants must demonstrate a sufficient level of maturity.
    * Must know and speak English fluently (other languages are good too). On that note, the use of translators is NOT allowed in this application.
    * Must have a working, recording software.

    * Must have a working microphone.
    * Must have a Discord account, and must be a member of the GTM Discord.
    * Most importantly, accept that cats are JUST better.

    Paste the following format into your staff application and answer all questions completely:

    1) General Information

    • Current Username:
    • Previous Usernames:
    • Alternate Account names:
    • Date of Birth:
    • Timezone:
    • Discord:
    • Languages:
    • Current Stats Playtime:
    • Do you /Vote regularly?
    • Do you actively engage with our community on our /discord?
    • Do you actively engage with our community on the forums?
    • Are you following any of our social media?

    2) Have you ever been banned on GTM (including bans on alternate accounts)? If so please explain why? (50+ Words)

    A) What is your rest of you history like on GTM? (e.g. Warns, mutes, or kicks?)
    1) Very good
    2) Good
    3) Just okay
    4) Horrible

    (Note if you pick 2,3,4 please explain why)

    3) Why would you like to become a staff member? (150+ Words)

    4) What experience makes you different and why should we pick you for the job? (100+ Words)

    5) How can the staff team benefit from having you on it? (50+ Words)

    6) What is your favorite thing about GTM? (50+ Words)

    7) How often are you able to be on GTM during the week? (50+ Words)

    8) Are you willing to do a voice interview with a Senior? (Disclaimer: We no longer allow text interviews. You must be willing to join an in-call interview.)

    9) Is there anything else the team should know about you?

    10) Were you staff on a different network before, and if that was the case why were you demoted/ why did you leave?

    11) Do you have proper knowledge about how the gameplay of the server works and how our servers function?

    Has a previous application from you for the staff team ever been denied? If yes, please explain why your application was denied and how you have improved since your last application.

    13) Application Agreements:

    • Do you accept that if you ask a staff member to review your application it will be denied?
    • Do you accept that you may not be a staff member on another server if you want to be staff on GTM?
    • Do you accept that the content of this application is written by you?
    • Do you verify that all the information you have provided in your application is true?
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