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Halloween Event

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyborg_, Oct 18, 2022.

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    The Halloween event is live on GTM! This year's event has received multiple changes from previous years, but the core part of the event is still here!

    During the Halloween event the server will cycle between daytime and nighttime, during the night skeletons equipped with bats will spawn around the map and attack players.

    When killing these skeletons, you are guaranteed a Roofied Chocolate, Roofied Chocolate can used sold in the trash can for money or can be traded in for Bloody Bones.

    Skeletons also have a chance to drop both Bloody Bones and a smaller chance to drop a Candy Bag.

    Bloody Bones can be used to access the brand-brand-new Halloween shop by right clicking on the Bloody Bone! Candy Bags can be used to Trick or Treat at premium houses, this has received a rebalance since last Halloween event and can now award Bloody Bones or Crowbars!

    Have extra Roofied Chocolate from previous Halloween events? No Problem, trade them into Bloody Michael for Bloody Bones, you can trade 50 Roofied Chocolate for 1 Bloody Bone!


    This year brings multiple new items, Jason's Mask, Jason's Jacket, Jason's Pants, Jason's Boots and last but not least, the Bloody Machete!

    When wearing the new Halloween armor, each piece will give you a 5% damage boost towards enemies! The Bloody Machete by default does more damage than a regular machete.

    Halloween Zones
    The normal Bloody Bone shop prices a bit too expensive? Want to risk it for an extra discount? There are currently 2, soon to be 3 zones around the map which will give you a discount when in the Bloody Bones shop! Simply standing inside ones gives a discount!

    Halloween Sale & Store Packages

    For the duration of the Halloween Event, we have activated a sale on our store of 15%! You can finally buy that Supreme rank you've been dreaming of!

    Including the Halloween Sale, we will also be selling Halloween Packages! These will contain Bloody Bones and Gold and much more!


    Sauron's Tower Event

    Once again GTM has added several special in-game events on it's map, one of those being the legendary "Dark-tower"! Due to it being very complex we would like to give you a simple inside look of our new custom event!

    Sauron's Tower is located in the dark, and deep waters of Industrial Area! The tower features a very unique dungeon experience, it features parkour, secrets, and enemies! You'll be able to access the new dungeon by entering the portal located on the altar at industrial area. Entering the depths of the tower you are greeted by dungeon guards, gatekeeping the great secrets and treasures of the Sauron Tower! Venture in for Halloween Style prizes, loot, and custom items. The portal will open every 3 hours!

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