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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyborg_, Jun 4, 2022.

  1. Cyborg_

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    Aug 10, 2020
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    Nicknamed "GTM Reloaded", this server will last for JUST ONE MONTH at the end of which, top players with the highest amount of money will receive combined payouts worth over $1000 including GTM giftcards.

    GTM: Reloaded will be released on Saturday, July 4.

    • What are the rewards for the first season?
    The rewards are:
    • #1: $300 GTM Giftcard + 2000 Crowbars
    • #2: $150 GTM Giftcard + 1000 Crowbars
    • #3: $100 GTM Giftcard + 600 Crowbars
    • #4: $50 GTM Giftcard + 400 Crowbars
    • #5: $25 GTM Giftcard + 200 Crowbars
    • #6-#20: $20 GTM Giftcard
    These rewards are based on who has the most money in their bank account on GTMR at the end of the season. You must rank up to Godfather by the end of the season to be eligible for rewards.
    • What happens to the current GTM1 and GTM4 servers?:
    GTMR will not replace any of our current servers, GTM1 and GTM4 will function the same.
    • How do I connect to the new server?:
    GTMR will be connectable through the hub, you will either be able to connect using the command /gtm8
    or /gtmr.

    • Can I transfer my stuff from GTM1 and GTM4?:
    No, due to GTM1 and GTM4 having vastly different economy's from GTMR, anything that is not global will not be transferable. (Global things such as ranks, crowbars and global tags)

    • Will there be premium houses on GTMR?:
    Yes! GTMR will feature premium houses which can be bought using gold, all gold will carry over to the next season when the season resets.

    • What is the IP?:
    GTMR is on the main network, meaning you would connect how you normally would with GTM.network.
    • How can I get payouts?
    You have to have the most money at the end of the season to get payouts. You must rank up to Godfather go be eligible for payouts.
    • Can I play if I'm banned?
    Sadly you don't, it's on the normal GTM Network but feel free to create an unban Appeal!
    • Do I keep the tags that I get from the Seasons?
    Yes, you will keep every tag that you have on GTMR.
    • What webstore items can I purchase for GTMR?
    You are not able to buy ingame money for GTMR, some cheatcodes have been disabled and you are not able to claim the money/gold from your rank on GTMR (you have to claim it on Minesantos or Sanktburg).
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    Is this just another gtm server bruh?