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GTM7 Closing and Data Transfer

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyborg_, May 16, 2022.

  1. Cyborg_

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    Aug 10, 2020
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    After much consideration from the senior team as a whole, we have decided that its best to close down GTM7. Back in 2021 the playerbase started to shrink due to a multitude of reasons and this has led to GTM7 / New Mineports player-base decreasing, due to this we feel it's best for GTMs future plans that GTM7 is closed down.

    What will happen to all my loot on GTM7 (New Mineport)?:

    GTM's transfer system was greatly improved in preparation for the closing of GTM7, being greatly improved to transfer much more data than the previous transfer system. The transfer system is now able to transfer loot in Non Premium houses, stats, ender chest, and more. When transferring your data in game, you will be able to view more details on exactly what transfers.

    What will happen to my loot on the server I am transferring my data to?:

    In order to prevent as much damage to GTM4 and GTM1s economy all your data on the target server will be replaced with your data on GTM7. This includes things such as gold, any premium houses you may own, any loot you have. This means if you have no gold on GTM7, you transfer to GTM1 in which you have 50 gold on, you will then have 0 gold. So if you do not have anything of value on GTM7, and do on another server, it is not encouraged to transfer.

    How do I transfer?

    To begin transferring your data you will need to use the /transfer command in-game. Once you do this, you will be walked through steps on where you would want to transfer, and what gets transferred. Once you transfer you CANNOT turn back. Clicking the final button to begin the transfer will ban you until the transfer is complete. If an error in is encountered, you will be permanently banned and will need to immediately DM an admin or above

    What is Transferring?

    Not everything will be transferred. Read carefully to find out what will be transferred.

    Non-Premium Houses:
    All loot in all of your Non-Premium houses will be transferred into a new house on the target server. The transfer command will delete all houses your houses on the target servers and move all your houses on GTM7 to new houses on the target server.

    Premium Houses: Premium Houses will be sold and you will be refunded the gold for the premium house. Any items in Premium houses will not transfer so make sure to move those items into your backpack or two to a non-premium house (which will transfer).

    Backpacks: All of your backpack content on GTM7 will be fully transferred to the target server. Anything you have in your backpack on the target server will be overridden.

    EnderChests: Your enderchest will be fully transferred, overriding anything on the target server.

    Inventory: Your inventory will be fully transferred, overriding anything on the target server.

    Vehicles: Your vehicles will be fully transferred, overriding any vehicles on the target server.

    Gold: Your gold will be fully transferred, overriding any gold you might have on the target server.

    Stats: Your stats will be fully transferred, overriding any stats on the target server.

    Achievements: Your achievements will be fully transferred, including achievement progress to the target server (note: spoiled brat is a global achievement so it does not need to be transferred).

    Cheat Codes: Your cheatcodes will be fully transferred, overriding any cheatcodes on the target server.

    BlackMarket: Items in the black market DO NOT transfer. Make sure to check the black market to make sure you don't have anything laying around there.

    Gangs: Gangs also do not transfer. If you were the gang owner of a gang on GTM7, you will be refunded the money you used to make the gang. Gangs are the only thing that will not be overridden and deleted during the transfer to the target server. (ei if you are transferring from GTM7 to GTM1, you will stay in your GTM1 gang even after transfer).

    Weapon Skins (edit): Weapon skins will now also transfer from GTM7 overriding any weapon skins on the target server.

    • Fixed /border reload
    • Fixed discord verify
    • Optimized code improving server performance
    • Improved item stacking when bp page is full
    • Gang price is now changeable by admins instead of being hardcoded
    • Database improvements relating to vehicles
    • Considerably nerfed cops by reducing their weapon click speeds
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    We've been getting concerns from people who bought Gold from our store on either server. So for people who will loose gold because of the transfer, if you bought that gold with in the past 6 months from our store create a ticket and we will refund you the gold after you transfer.
  3. kittens4050

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    May 23, 2018
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    Cool update
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