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GTM Halloween

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyborg_, Oct 14, 2021.

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    Halloween Event

    The Halloween event is live on GTM! This years event has received multiple changes from previous years, but the core part of the event is still here!

    During the Halloween event the server will cycle between daytime and nighttime, during the night skeletons equipped with bats will spawn around the map and attack players.

    When killing these skeletons you are guaranteed a Roofied Chocolate, Roofied Chocolate can used sold in the trash can for money or can be traded in for Bloody Bones.

    Skeletons also have a chance to drop both
    Bloody Bones and a smaller chance to drop a Candy Bag.
    Bloody Bones can be used to access the brand new halloween shop by right clicking on the Bloody Bone! Candy Bags can be used to
    Trick or Treat at premium houses, this has received a rebalance since last Halloween event and can now award Bloody Bones or Crowbars!

    Have extra Roofied Chocolate from previous Halloween events? No Problem, trade them into
    Bloody Micheal for Bloody Bones, you can trade 64 Roofied Chocolate for 1 Bloody Bone!


    Halloween Sale & Store Packages

    For the duration of the Halloween Event we have activated a sale on our store of 15%! You can finally buy that Supreme rank you've been dreaming of!

    Including the Halloween Sale, we will also be selling Halloween Packages! These will contain Bloody Bones and
    Gold and much more!

    Halloween Map Changes

    The GTM Build Team has worked hard this year to bring us some amazing Halloween Destinations for this years event! These amazing builds include:

    We also have spoooky events that can be found around these locations that will give you tons of goodies!

    GTM Halloween Spawn:
    GTM7 Halloween Docks:
    GTM1&4 Halloween Indus:
    GTM1&4 Halloween Bank:

    Other Spooky Additions

    To celebrate Halloween not only will we have this spooky event, but we also have 2 Boosters active during the GTM Halloween Event. The first Booster will be a Double EXP Booster lasting until the 22nd, after that for the rest of the event we will be activating Double Vote rewards!

    Investigating a weird issue were the spirits corrupt the soccer field at night, i wonder what this could mean?
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