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- Gang Suggestions -

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Minecart' started by Polskeh, Apr 3, 2022.


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  1. Polskeh

    Polskeh Hobo

    Apr 2, 2022
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    Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am Polskeh, but you can call me Matz, I have been playing for a while and I been thinking about suggestions based on the gang system and how the gang commands work. As we all know, to be able to interact gang members with eachother can be done by doing the command /gc (To turn ON) and can be done again /gc (To turn OFF).

    Whilst that is about, there isnt a way to be able to communite and contact with the allies in gang, only by other interior such as Discord, or by messaging the player itself.
    I thought it would be cool that there would be a implemented command something similar to /gc, but something to be able to communitcate with allies in the gang.

    (Something like /gac (Gang ally chat) ( /gac *Turn OFF / ON )

    Also another suggestion is the use of more roles in the gang, as we know for now, there is only two main roles in the gang, That is CoLeader / Leader. I was thinking that there could be more roles, such as

    - Member
    - Captain
    - CoLeader

    This would create a more diverse ranking system within the gangs, with the following permissions and commands can be designed and implemented by the staff themselves.

    Lastly, another suggestion I was thinking of is the use of customisation of titles and text in the gang. As we know, if you do /gang info (Gang name), the text appears in green of the following gang name. It would be cool if that could be changed within using hex code.

    Thanks everyone for reading this, :D

    Discord : Matz#6382