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Custom Kits Cheatcode!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Keiinmal, Sep 7, 2022.

  1. Keiinmal

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    May 20, 2018
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    The Custom Kits Cheatcode is a new cheatcode that allows you to save the extra trip to the GTM shop if you choose to buy your loot, and buy it with a customizable click!

    All supremes will automatically unlock a single custom kit slot right off the bat, the rest will be unlockable through the cheatcode!

    Note: The custom kits menu can be accessed through the kits menu or through /customkits!

    Clicking on one of your slots will open a menu that will allow you to select your kit! Each slot is labeled when you hover over it to allow for a simple kit selection! You will need to make sure to set the kit icon by clicking the purple glass with the desired icon!

    You can only add items to the kit that are obtainable in the store! If you are unsure of what these items are don't worry! The kits menu won't allow you to put items in that are not buyable in the shop!

    After you have selected your kit, you must click the Green Glass to save the kit, or click the Red Glass to delete the kit!

    When you are all finally done
    making your kit and clicking save, you are ready to use your kit! Please note custom kits can only be used at spawn to ensure PvP is still fair between players without the code!

    Upon death you get a chat message with clickable content to buy one of your previously designed kits, this allows you to quickly get back into action!

    When claiming the kit if you have an inventory slot that is blocking your desired custom kit item, that cost will be refunded to you!

    • Locked cheatcodes that aren't obtainable anymore now display the correct message in chat when clicking on them
    • Fixed glitched item in bounty menu
    • Removed level tips on server join
    • Not fully repaired riot shields can now be sold in the trashcan
    • Fixed some grammar mistakes
    • /fixall now also works on the tactical mask
    • Ranked rewards received a slight buff (VIP: 15 Crowbars, Premium: 20 Crowbars, Elite: 35 Crowbars, Sponsor: 50 Crowbars, Supreme: 100 Crowbars)
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