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Custom Housing V4!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by YaBoyTokyo, Jun 23, 2022.

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    Feb 28, 2020
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    I'm happy to announce the return of custom housing! Once again you'll be able to purchase your own custom house. If you're unfamiliar, here is a short exploration of what custom houses are, and for those who already know, what's new:

    • So what are custom houses?

    Custom houses give you the chance to get your own custom house. You can define the style, where it should be, and much more! Even a free e-chest is included and as I mentioned, you can define the style! That means that you can either get your own yacht, a plane, an island, and much more!

    • What is new?
    This time we've decided to bring back island houses. Those even bring the opportunity to customize the terraforming around the island and get your own private area. We also think that we should give very rich people the chance to make themselves the biggest possible houses. This means people are able to buy houses up to 300 chests!

    • What are the prices for custom houses?
    This time we've decided to return to the simple money-based custom housing. This means that we are no longer charging an extra 30% gold fee and only charge a one-time money payment! We also made the general price for bigger houses cheaper. All chests from 30 -> 150 cost $1.750.000 each and everything above $3.500.000 each.

    • Can you only place them on Alaska?
    We are allowing multiple spots this time. We believe that Alaska is not a place for everyone and since these are custom houses, people should be able to choose multiple spots. Main PVP areas are excluded from that tho. You can find a list of several spots in our custom housing guidelines.w

    For more information check our custom housing guidelines and if you feel like getting one, make a ticket here

    Also here is our custom calculator https://grandtheftmc.net/calculator/
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