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Custom Housing Guidelines & Rules

Discussion in 'Rules and Community Guidelines' started by Information, Sep 1, 2020.

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    Sep 16, 2017
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    Custom housing is a loved feature of GTM. Players have the chance to get their own custom house with custom heads, customized styles, and much more! That's why I'm happy to announce that we will reopen custom housing once again so you guys have the chance to get your very own house.
    If a player is requesting a custom house, a builder will be designated to his ticket and will create a custom house for the player. The advantages of buying a custom house are as follows:

    • You choose what your houses will look like. You will be able to talk with the builder during the building process and see the progress of your house. You can also tell the builder to add more during the process but you will need to add a proper reason to each room. That means that rooms need to have a purpose.
    • Have your name, custom heads, and other personal things integrated into the design of your house to let everyone know who is the lord of the mansion!
    • Custom houses will include a free Ender-chest in them so going to spawn is no longer needed.
    • In regular houses, if the owner of the house is offline for over 45 days, the house is forced to be sold. With Custom Houses, that limit has been increased to 60 days! {Note: 60 days only apply for custom houses} [Custom houses of the projects "CustomV1 / V2 that took place in 2017-2019 ish are excluded from this rules. This means this won't apply to your old custom house since that house still follows the old guidelines. This means you can also still sell your old custom.) (This perk does not apply if the house is sold)


    This time, players will be able to place their custom houses on different spots on the map. Main PVP areas are excluded from this. Other than that, we've also decided to give people the chance to get custom islands again, Those islands will be placed around the border of the map this time.

    As mentioned, players are allowed to choose their own spot on multiple spots of the map this time.

    NOTE: A requested spot may not be available. We will look if the area is available / already taken or filled with too many houses already. If the spot is not available, you'll be able to choose a different spot or we will suggest one.

    A list of possible areas is:
    • Alaska
    • Hawaii
    • Africa
    • Mindiana
    • MilitaryBase
    • Trailerpark 1 and 2
    • Islands will be placed around the border
    • SeaShore


    As mentioned earlier, we will finally bring back custom islands. Island houses we're a past custom-housing project we offered. After a long time, we've finally decided to bring those back! Custom islands offer unique features including your own small area - terraforming and more creativity in and around your house. Islands do come with a higher cost tho. You can check that by using our custom calculator.


    In order to purchase a custom house, you'll need to pay a specific amount of money depending on how many chests you want. Unlike the last custom housing, we've decided to let go of the gold - permit fee.

    Cosmetic Gold: As with regular houses, custom houses require gold in order to buy them. Gold was also known as "Permits" back in the day and is now our new premium-housing currency. Other than that, we will no longer charge the extra 30% fee. We decided to go for a more money-based custom housing in order to focus on reducing money in the economy. This means that the only gold that you need, are those required to purchase the house.

    Money: Custom houses will require a one-time payment in order to request a house. For every single chest in your house, you will be charged a certain amount. A portion of the money charged will go to the builder who created your houses and the rest will be removed from the economy. Houses over 150 Chests will cost more per chest.

    Island houses come with a higher cost due to them taking up a lot of space and extra effort. You can also check that by using our calculator.

    From now on you can also pay in gc's or loot aswell!

    For the first 150 chests:
    GTM1 = 1,750,000$ or 1.75mil per Chest
    GTM4 = N/A
    GTM7 = N/A

    For every chest after the first 150 (for up to 300 chests):
    GTM1 = 3,500,000$ or 3.5mil per Chest
    GTM4 = N/A
    GTM7 = N/A

    Island prices:
    Island houses will require an extra fee on top of the current per-chest price. You can check those on our custom housing calculator.

    NOTE: An island has to be at least 75 chests!

    ** Seem confusing? We know. That's why you can use the
    CUSTOM HOUSE COST CALCULATOR to find out how much will your dream house cost!

    *These rules are in place to ensure that the Custom Housing system cannot be misused and/or used to scam, undermine, or mess with others.

    1. The smallest custom house you can request is 30 Chests. The largest amount of chests allowed is 300 chests. Custom Islands have to be at least 75 chests!
    2. You can only buy 1 custom house like the last time. If you wish to get a new one, the old one will be removed and you'll not receive a refund. If you purchased a custom house in the past custom housing projects, you can buy another one tho.
    3. You cannot request absurd things to be added to your house {i.e. Shops, Lottery, Entitys like pets, mobs, etc}.
    4. You cannot request a specific builder to make your custom house. You will have the chance to talk to the builder while your house is being made.
    5. House sizes will be proportional to the number of chests in the house. This means a 150-gold house will not be the size of a 250-gold house.

    **Take note of the information provided here. If a request is filled out incorrectly you may not get exactly what you requested.
    1. First, you must go to Support Tickets at the top right of our website, right next to the Twitter button. Next, you will need to open a new ticket by clicking Open New Ticket.
    2. Next, you will need to change the department to Custom Houses. If you do not change the department, the Custom House ticket will not be shown.
    3. From here, you will need to fill out the information it asks for (i.e. what server the house will be on, your username, your money and gold balance on said server, etc.)
    4. After filling this out, in the bottom text box you will describe what you'd like included in the house and what it looks like.
    5. After completing all the fields it asks for, you're done! Just hit the Open button at the bottom of the screen and the Build Team Management team will look at the ticket shortly.

    Here's an example of a filled-out request:


    Once you have filed a request for a custom house, then paid the house dues, you will be assigned a builder who will build the custom house. Once all is decided, you will be teleported on creative to the location of your custom house so you can set your home there. Check back whenever you like to see the progress of your house!

    If you would like to request more details about the build, add more requests, or make other changes, you can:
    a) You can contact your assigned Builder directly through discord.
    b) You can ask right on the support ticket.

    Before the house is moved on to GTM, you will have the chance to review everything and make sure everything is just the way you like! Once the house is moved in, you will not be allowed to make any major revisions.

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