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Curiouscrafter is a possible scammer.

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Minecart' started by cool_soc, Mar 30, 2021.

  1. cool_soc

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    Mar 21, 2021
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    Yesterday A friend of mine Curiouscrafter got a golden minigun for 200k. I had felt like they were a scammer since A golden minigun is typically sold for 3 million. I do not have any identification on the individual he traded the gold minigun with. He claimed that he forgot about the player he traded with. I thought this was suspicious. I asked him what level the player was. Kinda a stupid question. He said he forgot. Since players usually are much wiser at higher levels. Instead low level players are typically ignorant of the gtm knowledge. So the possibly low level player may have found a golden minigun from an easter egg. Perhaps they did not know the true value of it. So its possible that Curiouscrafter told him the fake price of 200k. Instead of 3mil to get a cheap golden minigun. And the low level player (possibly) just thought that was a price. Well this is only a theory (for now) since I have no proof of him scamming. I might check some forum posts for some evidence of him scamming with will probably be unsuccessful. So this Is my conclusion. Curiouscrafter is a possible scammer of which he traded with a player for a golden minigun for 200k