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Casino and Cops!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cyborg_, Apr 12, 2022.

  1. Cyborg_

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    Aug 10, 2020
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    Casino has returned to GTM! After a long absence the senior team thought it would be best to bring its return, but better than before!


    Thanks to @Keiinmal casino can now run during events! This means that casino will start running even today, during GTM's easter event! Also with improvements like a new casino building and a much better backend design than before!

    The casino will still run with a similar schedule as before, as well as the same modes as previously.
    Speed, Crazy and Static! Each mode will offer different machine speeds and rates! The casino will now also have a command to view when the next session will run "/casino".


    The brand new addition to casino is none other then Connect Four!


    Connect Four will run only during casino, meaning it will NOT be playable outside of casino times. Connect Four can be played by simply right clicking the machine! Once instead the Connect Four machine it will bring you to the menu seen below!


    Clicking the Green Glass will open up a GUI allowing you to send requests to other players. You can even select between a range of different blocks to represent your game piece!

    Note: Some materials will be locked depending on your in game rank.

    Lastly once your opponent accepts your connect four request you will be able to both set your bet in casino chips! Follow that you will be thrust into a thrilling strategy based game! You can win by getting 4 game pieces in a row, hence the name connect four! I've even attached a picture of a stunning victory against one of our very own admins, @_Worldlegend_ !



    The streets of Minesantos have been rampant with crime, to fight this and lower crime rates we have decided to recruit a police force, immune to corruption and greed unlike our current police force!

    Cops will spawn above one wanted star! This means that whenever you kill a fellow player, the cops will be on your ass immediately! After getting 3 stars you will then get hunted down by the FBI and the SWAT, and trust me, these aren't the type of people your gonna want to mess with!


    Note: Cops will not spawn under any structure or block


    The team made the decision to switch over to different backpacks for a multitude of reasons, the main reasoning being better cross version support. With the new backpacks being paginated you will be able to join GTM with any version and use your backpack, regardless of size.

    Thats not the only cool thing thats been added with new backpacks though, all backpacks are now sortable with a click of a button!

    Note: This sorts all pages of your backpack, not just a single page!

    Backpacks have also gotten a general increase in backpack size for each rank!

    Supreme: + 6 slots
    Sponsor: + 3 Slots
    Elite: + 0 Slots
    Premium: + 4 Slots
    VIP: + 1 Slot
    : + 3 Slots

    Annoyed that you will have to switch pages in order to put new items in the backpack? We heard the community after the initial release of paginated backpacks and have made it so shift clicking an item into a full backpack page, will automatically switch to the next page!

    • Backend code has been improved
    • /levelup pricing fixed
    • Admins no longer able to give themself manager :eek:
    • Active network boosters will be displayed with a bossbar
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    May 23, 2018
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    your mom's house