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You can obtain drugs by buying them from other players, getting them out of the drugs kit, buying them from drug dealers randomly located in the map, or getting them out of crates. (Drug Dealers are NOT players, they are NPCs who have a “Drug Dealer” tag above them.)

Using drugs will result in having a positive or negative potion effect, which will help or hurt you in PvP battles. GTM currently has 9 types of drugs. Each drug will give you a different effect. Some with positive effects, some with negative effects, and some with both positive and negative effects. Remember to take note that you need to use Weed Buds inside of a placed Bong and you must place Cocaine onto the ground before you use it. This is a list of the effects that the drugs in the game have:

Positive Drugs

Bull Shark - Speed 1 and Resistance
The more you pop the higher speed but it can give Wither 2 and Weakness.

Beer - Resistance 2 and Strength 1
Gives Nausea 1 and Slowness 3.
Note: Drinking 3 beers in a row will drop everything in your inventory.


Roofied Chocolate - Speed, Jump Boost, and Resistance
Can give Slowness and Nausea.


Heroin Syringe - Fire Resistance 2, Speed 2, and Strength 1
Can give Blindness 1 and Wither 2. This drug cannot be used while gliding in a wingsuit.


Cocaine - Speed 2; Strength 1 and Haste
The downside is that it has a chance to give you crazy speed (Speed 21) but then make your body stuck and turn your head while text flashes on the screen.


Meth Pipe - Resistance 1, Speed 2, and Health Boost 1
Gives Slowness 1, Weakness 1, Wither 1 and Blindness 1 after the good effects run out. When meth negative effects hit, you will be put into combat for 20 seconds.


Negative Drugs

LSD - Nausea 2, Slowness, Wither 2, and Weakness
Gives Resistance 2 and Regeneration 2
Also turns everything into rainbow blocks/can change to night


MDMA - Slowness 1 and Nausea 1


Joint - Slowness 2 and Mining Fatigue 1


Weed Buds - Slowness and gives Hunger 2

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