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Player Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KwonShiYun, Jul 21, 2018.

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    Sep 6, 2017
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    Rule #1: No spamming or chat flooding (This includes commands)
    Please don't repeat messages excessive amounts of time in chat, or any sorts of chat flooding.
    Rule #2: No bypassing mutes in any way

    When you are punished with a mute, please in no way bypass this, whether is be through /gmsg, or /help,
    Rule #3: No hacking or use of illegal modifications

    Please do not use illegal modifications or any use of hacked clients.
    Rule #4: No advertising (discords, other servers, etc.)
    Advertising of any non-gtm related content is prohibited.

    Rule #5: No abusing any glitches, no matter how extreme. (If you find a glitch, please report to a staff member)
    Please do not abuse any glitches no matter how big or small. Always report it to a staff member, and attempt to show them how to do the glitch, so it can be reported.
    Rule #6: No releasing personal information
    Any release of personal information, whether it be small or large, is completely unacceptable and will result in punishment.
    Rule #7: No griefing other people's plots. (Creative)
    Please refrain from griefing other player's plots, as in ruining builds, etc.
    Rule #8: No illegal trading. (Minecraft accounts, paypal, etc.)
    Illegal trading

    Illegal trading as in trading GTM items for items on other games or servers, minecraft accounts, etc.
    Rule #9: Only GTM related links posted in chat.

    Please only post GTM related links in chat such as, montages, forums posts, etc.
    Rule #10: Respect ALL staff
    Respect our staff members at ALL times.

    Note* All punishments given that are over 2 days can be appealed.

    (Player rule page is still a work in progress)
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