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How to request a Custom House?

Discussion in 'Rules and Community Guidelines' started by SkylixMC, Jan 21, 2019.

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    Custom houses are Premium houses, specially built for a certain player. These houses may contain (almost) any customization a player can dream of, ranging from the size, shape, and color of their house(s), or even specific customizations such as having a secret room, or your player skulls within the custom house! You control what kind of house you want!


    You can request a custom house by creating a support ticket at https://grandtheftmc.net/support-tickets/open under the "Request Custom House" department. Once the request has been filled out, a Build Team Member would respond to you shortly and we will build the house for you!

    All custom houses must be built on the GTM Creative server. In order to request the construction and/or transfer of these special houses, a fee must payed that consists of In-Game Money. The amount of money that this will cost you depends on the size and add-ons you decide to include in your custom house. Please note that custom houses are only allowed for GTM Minesantos and GTM Sanktburg. We will not accept any custom house request on GTM New Mineport! The intent of this feature is to satisfy our player's custom house needs as well as help balance the economy by removing millions of dollars.


    The cost of requesting a Custom House depends directly on the amount of size/chests the custom house has. Once all details are set, we will have one of our builders build you the custom house, as by your request. Here is a break down of all important details:​
    • For each chest that is added to the custom house, a price of 500k will be charged (Note: A double chest counts as 2 chests).
    • Some extra requests such as but not limited to the location (of the custom house) will cost extra as decided by the Build Team member handling the Custom House request.
    • The size of the custom house must be proportional to the number of chests it contains. For example, you may not request a huge mansion for a Custom House that only contains a small number of chests and vice versa.
    • The number of chests a custom house contains must be a multiple of 5. This means the number 5 must divide evenly to the number of chests in the house.
    • All custom houses must have at least 25 chests but no more than 150 chests.
    • Please make sure you can afford the house you want to be added both in money and in permits. Remember, 1 chest costs 400k in money and 1 permit in terms of permits.
    • We will try our best to honor any requests you make regarding these custom houses but not all requests may be met. We will try our hardest to discuss individual details with you and ensure that you are satisfied.
    • We highly recommend that you let our builders build you the Custom House you want to be added. However, if you want to build the house yourself, you must have the house be approved by a Build Team Manager to make sure it meets the GTM building standards. In addition, you will still be required to pay the full fee to have the house be transferred. Not recommended.
    • You will be able to view the progress of your custom house if you have a builder build it for you. The house will not be added until you are satisfied.
    • 5% of what you pay us to build and add the house will be paid to the builder who builds the house.

    In order to begin and request a custom house, please visit https://grandtheftmc.net/support-tickets/open and select the "Request Custom House Department". More more details on each question, refer to the captions below.


    Q: How long does it take to get a response once a ticket has been created?
    A: We will try our best to get back to you WITHIN 48 hours (usually you can expect a faster response). However please be aware that we all do have lives to take care of as well.

    Q: What kinds of customizations can I request?
    A: The kinds of customizations you can request is for the most part limited by your imagination. You can request almost anything from a secret vault, custom board with your name to something as simple as a chimney.

    Q: I already have a built house on creative. Can I get that added?
    A: As mentioned above, you will still have to pay the full price that you would to have had the house built by a builder. In addition, the house must be approved by a Build Team Manager to ensure it meets GTM's building standards and any other requirements. Simply create a ticket at https://grandtheftmc.net/support-tickets/open under the Custom House department to discuss and for more info.

    Q: Why are these Custom Houses so expensive?
    A: As mentioned above, one of the intents of these Custom Houses is to reduce the ridiculous amounts of money in the economy. In addition, these custom houses are expected to take a lot of effort and in order to limit the number of requests we receive, the prices are relatively high.

    Q: Will Custom Houses permanently be a part of GTM?
    A: As some of you may know, we did have custom houses in the past before, but we removed the ability to request custom houses due to several reasons. This time around, its possible we may remove custom houses again if this system does not work out well. For that reason, we recommend that if you want a custom house added, you hurry and request it! But with that said, depending on the success of this project, we may open up more options for players to obtain a custom house. More on the later. ;)
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    Alert! Due to the high amount of Custom House tickets we have been receiving, future requests have been changed from 400k per chest to 500k per chest (temporary or permanent).
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