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    Sep 16, 2017
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    I am getting really pissed off by all the noobs that keep posting stuff no one cares about and reviving old threads, so here you go.

    A few minutes ago, I banned a kiddie from the site because he posted over 40 useless messages on new and old posts annoying the crap out of all the people that try to make serious threads on the forum.

    Anyone who breaks these rules can and will be banned from the forums with or without notice.

    1. No spamming
    Spamming includes repeating the same word(s) over and over again, posting useless messages, typing sentences in all caps, posting more than two messages after eachother by the same person (you can always edit your threads to add in what you forgot to say).

    2. No advertising
    Advertising includes giving our other server names, IP's, website adresses, youtube channels, twitter accounts, facebook pages, and other social network links.
    You are allowed to post your youtube channel on the forum or a video you made on the server, as long as there are no links to other servers in the description or in the video.

    3. No necroposting
    Always look at the date of a thread before posting in it. It is really annoying when you post in a thread that is solved or over 2 weeks old. Necroposting or reviving dead theads order then 2 weeks is one of the most annoying offenses someone can make and doing it WILL be enforced.

    4. Be constructive in your posts
    Saying useless crap like "lol" "yeah" "okay" is not the way to go. If you want to post, always make sure that the people in the thread want to read it. If you have an opinion, tell us why you like or dislike something or how you think something can be done better differently.

    5. Don't post to get fame
    Posting to get a higher number underneath your name or just because you want to think you have friends is not okay. Most of these messages have useless crap in them like in rule #4.

    6. Don't ask for likes
    It is annoying as fuck to ask for likes and it also proves you have no friends and you often break #4 and #5 because no one cares about your messages.

    7. Don't downvote posts based on personal hatred.
    You may not downvote a post because you don't like the person. You may downvote if you don’t agree with this persons opinion but may not mass dislike someone’s posts.

    8. Use correct grammar and spelling
    "he muted me cus i wanted some one baned for renk scamin and he just muted me fore no reasin and he just led soo i cuden spec for a fuckin day!!!"
    Shows how big of a fucking noob you are. It takes hours to read this and translate it into an actual sentence.

    9. Do not farm likes or comments
    Do not create alternate forums accounts or use any account to mass like yours or someone else’s content in order to boost likes or comments.

    10. Do not argue or discuss a ban
    Do not argue with a staff member or publicly discuss a ban that you are trying to contest. Make a appeal and leave it at that.

    That's about it noobs, see ya later.
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