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Buildteam application

Discussion in 'Submit' started by _ByConcorde_, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. _ByConcorde_

    _ByConcorde_ Hobo

    Feb 4, 2019
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    Username: zNoBdyNameCon
    Previous usernames: Concordeflieger , _ByConcorde_
    Date of birth: 6. of december 2005
    Timezone: Europe
    Discord id: zNoBdyNamedCon#9359

    2) Why do you want to become a builder?
    I want to become a builder becouse i really like to build on creative, it's really useless if u only build for yourself.So im going to help the buildteam and new ppl. who trys to build something on creative,giving tipps and show them how to build some themes.I heard that u look for a new BT too.

    3) What is your build style? What kind of builds are you best at?

    My Buildstyle is a modern one.Im building very much planes and houses,the houses are with really much glass and im pretty good at interior.I can also build houses in middle age style.My planes are very faithful and realistic.I always think about my buildings before i build it.

    4) How can the build team benefit from having you?

    Im really good at building planes (old and new planes) im always trying to build the best and realistical things i can.I like to help people their new and dont know how to use worldedit or plot commands.I also help other BT's if they need me helping.Im online a long time so i can do alot of things for the Buildteam.

    5) On average, how many hours per week do you think you can dedicate to GTM?

    I can dedicate 24-30 hours per week.

    6) Is there any additional information you would like to add? (Not required but suggested)

    I got banned 2 times (1 time 15min) (2cd time 14d [false ban])

    Build Asset Screenshots/Videos: (Minimum 3 Different Builds)

  2. DieHeldernaar

    DieHeldernaar Administrator / Build Team Manager Staff Member Admin Build Team

    Oct 11, 2017
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    Administrator on the GrandTheftMinecart network.
    Hey! Could you make me the following:
    -25 permit GTM style-ish house
    -25 chests
    -2 doors
    -Exterior blocks: Dark gray concrete, quartz, cyan concrete, any type of glass.
    -Interior floor: Acacia log

    We are very interested in your builds, but we would like to see your GTM style houses.