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_wph_'s builder application

Discussion in 'Submit' started by Erik, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Erik

    Erik Hobo

    Mar 10, 2018
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    1) General Information
    • Username:_wph_
    • Previous Usernames:OofydOopy/Daddy0pg
    • Date of Birth:23/3/2005
    • Timezone:HKT (GMT+8)
    • Discord ID:Oofy#1140

    2) Why do you want to become a builder? (50+ Words)
    I want to become a builder on GTM because i like building and enjoy the process of building.Building is fun and enjoyable for me.At the other hand,GTM is my favourite server.I hope i can join build team on Gtm so i can build for my favourite server and also i will be able to enjoy building at the same time.

    3) What is your build style? What kind of builds are you best at? Eg. interior designing, building skyscrapers, etc.. (50+ Words)
    My build style is building houses and ships.I like to build ships and houses,every kind of houses.I am good at building apartments and also single houses.But the best kind of my builds are ships.I like to build ships and i always build ships.The reason i like to build ships is because i like ships irl a lot!

    4) How can the build team benefit from having you? (50+ Words)
    The build team can benefit having me because i am very active on gtm.Everytime i am free,my favoutite activity is to play gtm.I will always build for the staff team at my free time and i will obey and respect every members on the staff team.I will also learn from other builders and i will cooperate well with them.I will also do what the senior build team tell me to do.

    5) On average, how many hours per week do you think you can dedicate to GTM?
    I can dedicate 26 hours to GTM per week general.But if i have holidays,i can dedicate 40 hours to GTM per week.

    6) Is there any additional information you would like to add? (Not required but suggested)

    I really like building,i also want to join the staff team and i will benefit the staff team.I also will respect every player on GTM.I hope i can get a chance!

    Build Asset Screenshots/Videos: (Minimum 3 Different Builds)(No shaders or resourcepacks allowed)

    Do you accept that if you ask a staff member to review your application it will be denied?Yes,i accept it.
    Do you accept that you may not be a builder/staff member on another server if you want to build on GTM?Yes i accept it.
  2. DieHeldernaar

    DieHeldernaar Administrator / Build Team Manager Staff Member Admin Build Team

    Oct 11, 2017
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    Administrator on the GrandTheftMinecart network.
    Are you still interested?